#BTExclusive Real Bride-To-Be Sonaakshi Raaj Shares 5 Ways To Keep Calm And Carry On

The designer reveals her hacks to not stress out and enjoy your own wedding festivities.

Designer Sonaakshi Raaj is all set to tie the knot with her longtime beau Nikhil Mehrani in a gorgeous tropical wedding in Thailand.

Not only has bride-to-be has designed her own outfits for the major functions, but she is also hosting pre-wedding festivities for her nearest and dearest. And, even though she admits to being super-busy in the days leading up to the nuptials, she does have a few hacks up her sleeves to keep calm.

Dieting don'ts

'Enjoy yourself and have fun. Don’t deliberately diet because you will just get irritable, hangry and ruin your mood.'

Drink a lot of water

'Hydrate yourself because it shows on your skin. My skincare regime has always been very simple. I believe in drinking a lot of water and having my juices. When I wake up, I have my amla juice and I have been having my celery, mint, kale juice regularly too. So, I have been sticking to this as a regime. However, for my bridal beauty treatments, dermatologist Harshna Bijlani has collaborated with me for a pre-bridal beauty package. So, we did some nice facials and pre-bridal beauty glow treatments.'


Yoga saves

 'It is really helpful to take time out to do some yoga and de-stress.  I have always been into power-yoga so I have been doing my bit of along with functional workouts. But,  off late, it has been such a hectic time that I have had no time to workout. I am just running around with the wedding prep and I am still losing weight because it has been such a crazy time.'

Schedule your chores

'Its best to finish your pre-bridal work a month before the wedding. I know it is easier said than done and everyone gets stressed but it is better to deal with all that early on rather than closer to the wedding day. So, schedule yourself so that the last 15-20 days, you are completely relaxed.'

Allot wedding duties to your family

'This is the only time you can totally take advantage of your family and everyone will help you out. So, divide and allocate your work among everyone. Give everyone chores and that will ease your burden.'


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