Women Prefer Romantic Texts to Video Calls and Other Tips to Woo Your Partner!

From what movies to watch on a Netflix date to the best way to slide in someone's DMs, real men and women reveal how to win at love!

If it wasn't already difficult enough to meet a special someone IRL, the pandemic came and made matters even worse. Thankfully, many couples were able to establish a romantic connection courtesy of the glorious world of online dating. 

So, if you have been swiping right and sending hearts but can't seem to find the Lover of Your Dreams (LOYD), here's help. A survey by online dating app QuackQuack has revealed some pretty *interesting* insights into the dating scene. So, scroll down to get all the help you need to make the best virtual first impression:

Romantic texts = love letters

About 65 per cent of people on the dating app prefer to engage in long, meaningful text conversations that help them express themselves better. Call it the modern-day love letters! Out of the lot, women make up the major chunk (90.8 per cent) preferring to text over a video call. So, get your creative juices flowing to type out a worthy love text!

Masked dates, ftw!

In the backdrop of the ongoing health crisis, Indian millennials aren’t letting their guard down with about 60 per cent of people preferring to wear a mask when meeting their date as they still consider themselves at risk of contracting the virus. Amongst these, women are more cautious with 90 per cent stating that they never forget to wear a mask on a date!

Elder millennials are not long-distance lovers!

Speaking about dating people from a native city or a different city, nearly 68 per cent of people aged 31 and above prefer dating from their location to avoid the risk of travelling. However, ironically, Gen-Z youngsters and women were more curious to meet people from other cities as compared to millennial men who would still prefer dating from their own location. 

Food is the best ice-breaker

Lockdown seems to have not only turned people into home chefs but also foodies! About 64 per cent of Indians feel that matching food taste are very important as it is a sign of great compatibility! Once again women (66 per cent) attach higher importance to having great tastes, literally, as compared to men (61 per cent).

What to stream for Netflix and chill?

Movies defeated web series as the preferred content for an at-home movie date with almost 65 per cent of women in the age group of 31 and above preferring to watch movies while chilling with bae.


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