How a coffee date turned into a relationship—a tale of two non-coffee drinkers

It was, after all, written in the stars.

For entrepreneurs Harshavardhana Gourineni and Priyanka Duggirala, it all began with a cup of coffee... A year later, in 2021, the two took the plunge in the City of Lakes.

How They Met 

Gourineni and Duggirala were introduced to each other by a mutual friend in December of 2020. A casual cup of coffee...and the rest is history. “It’s so ironic. We met for coffee even though neither of us actually drinks coffee!” reveals the bride. 

They Said Yes! 

Who knew a scavenger hunt would end with a ring on her finger? Gourineni planned the perfect proposal during a trip to Mussoorie. After winning a couples’ competition—which was secretly set up by the groom-to-be, of course—the two were escorted to a greenhouse for a special dinner, with a neon signage that read ‘Marry Me? No Take Backs.’ Two months later, Duggirala proposed to Gourineni with an animated video that traced their sweet tale of love. 

The Big Day 

The wedding décor took inspiration from Duggirala’s sari, which featured a plethora of constellations and stars, and the mantras etched behind the mandap were those she has inked on her arm. “To make a case for body positivity, we gave our signature cocktails names such as ‘More Than My Measurement’ and ‘Fat as F*ck’,” Duggirala shares. 

Memories That Will Last a Lifetime 

“A very special moment was when I entered the welcome dinner, hand-in-hand with Harshavardhana, with our friends standing along the aisle, holding sparklers. Harsha dipped and kissed was right out of a dream,” she adds. 

My Advice 

“Your décor must be an extension of your personality—not what society deems fit, or what others’ definition of ‘cool’ is. Bring on board a team you can trust and rely on, and focus on the food. After all, the way to one’s heart is through the stomach!” insists the bride. 


The Details

Photographer: Stories by Joseph Radhik

Bride’s Outfits: Tarun Tahiliani, Aadnevik, Oscar de la Renta, Tom Ford, Swati and Sunaina, Sravanti 

Groom’s Outfits: Raghavendra Rathore, Gaurang, Syed Bawkher, Tom Ford, Sravanti 

Stylist: Leepakshi Ellawadi 

Hair and Make-up: Sandhya Shekar 


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