A Comprehensive Guide to Planning the Perfect Summer Wedding

From wedding invitations to décor and photography—we've got you covered.

With the temperature on the rise and nature in full bloom, it's pretty much the ideal time to host a wedding. Summer nuptials present the perfect opportunity to don soothing pastel hues, sip on an extra margarita or two, and leave your hair down—both literally and figuratively. But while the balmy days may offer respite from the biting winter breeze, the wedding planning process is all the same: OVERWHELMING. 

If marriage has been on the cards, and you're planning to take the plunge in the coming months, look no further; our summer wedding moodboard lends inspiration aplenty. Brides Today reached out to event planners, wedding invitation designers, and photographers and videographers to divulge details on what's hot in the biz this season. 

Bridey, take note. 

Wedding Invitations

Let's begin where wedding planning begins—invites. If you've picked the season of summery goodness for your big day, honour your choice with invitations that highlight the time of year. "Summer is the best time to experiment with vibrant pops of colour and quirky themes," says Dhruvi Doshi of Dhruvi Doshi Designs. 

"Since you might be tying the knot in one of the hottest months of the year, opting for a palette that's bright and peppy will set the tone right. Boho-chic, tropical, nautical—think dream catchers, flamingoes, and stripes—are a win-win. From the welcome invitation to the wedding favour tags, you won’t regret opting for seasonal blooms either. Keep it light and fun; shells and pearls if the destination calls for it," she adds. 

Dhruvi goes on to suggest, "Add witty puns and quotes to the itinerary and welcome hamper, and instead of traditionally-shaped invites, go for an unconventional design, such as a hexagon. In addition, ritual cards can double up as fans during the ceremony; this isn't just a fun way to keep the guests involved, but also offer them relief from the heat."

"A custom illustration of the wedding venue is sure to set your invitation apart, giving your guests a sneak peek into your big day. Alternatively, if you're hosting a wedding at an exotic destination, chances are that there's a motif that symbolises the culture of the locale—incorporate that detail into your invite to add a personal touch," she says. 

Wedding Décor

Next, let's tackle the most appreciable aspect of a wedding—the decorations. According to Nidhi Sahi, Founder of Enjay Events, "If your ceremony is set to take place during the day, you could set up a funky sunglass station at the venue; a marriage between style and functionality. Another sophisticated and elegant way to give your guests relief from the sharp rays of the sun is by handing over parasols. You could also curate a mini pouch containing fragrant wet tissue wipes, a foldable hat, and a face mist." 

She adds, "Whether you’re hosting a refined affair or casual backyard nuptials, dress your upholstery in tropical tableware and accessories—coral and sage with pops of tropical tones; cinnamon and gold; pineapple and sorbet hues; seaside blue; rustic neutrals; cool metallics and icy pastels; sherbet brights with contrasting white, summer is the season to go all out."

Wedding Photography and Videography

Once the invitations have been dispatched and the décor has been chalked out, it's time to capture these memories so that they last a lifetime. With natural lighting playing a paramount role in the colour, shadows, and overall tone of your pictures, proceed with caution when snapshotting wedding photographs. "During summer, the ideal time to shoot is early morning or evening, avoid the hours between 12:00 pm and 3:00 pm since the sunlight might be too hard," explains Megha Israni, Founder of Israni Photography and Films. 

"High noon is when the sun is at its highest point in the sky. Taking outdoor pictures at this time of day will provide ample amounts of fill and key lighting, making it easy to illuminate subjects and achieve a bright, clear shot. That said, it’s important to note that shadows may be a bit harsh during this time of day as well," she adds. 

Megha goes on to say, "Try to capture your surroundings—the tones, colours, and hues of the scene will become more vivid and dramatic. While the main dishes are sunrise and sunset, the side dishes will enhance the overall experience. Golden hour occurs two times in a day: right before sunset and right after sunrise. This is a time when the sun will provide the widest range of colours, the softest lighting, and the most dynamic shadows. The balmy temperature bathes everything in a 'golden' glow; as the name suggests."

"Lastly, if your scene has a stunning cloudy sky that accentuates the sunlight, fill up to two-thirds of the scene. On the other hand, if you have a riveting foreground or landscape below the sun, fill up the bottom two-thirds of the scene. Opt for minimal, candid shots in the summer and allow your camera to capture your raw, candid moments. Trendy couple portraits is something else you can look at." 

For the save the date video, keep things fun and light—play around with fonts and skip the striking, serious poses and scripted bits. It's your day, make it memorable! 


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