12 Side-Swept Hairstyles For The Stylish Bride

12 Side-Swept Hairstyles For The Stylish Bride

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A luxe side-swept hair updo is yet another way to blend two classic hairstyles into one. 

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A side-swept fishtail braid, with fresh flower inserts or hair accessories, would make for an elegant bridal hairdo. 

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Braids, buns and side-swept, mixing three classic hair trends to give one beautiful bridal hairstyle. 

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It's always good to add a bit of flower and foliage to your bridal hairdo.

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Stylish yet minimalistic, the side-swept ponytail is perfect for that casual bride. 

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Embellished hair ornaments are the ideal addition to wavy side-swept tresses.

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 Adding pockets of beautiful hair jewellery, finely spread out across your locks, is a great way to upgrade your hairstyle. 

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Side-swept open tresses with a single rope braid on one side, is the ideal pick for the stylish bride. 

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Go cool and casual with the classic side-swept hair, with subtle ombré undertones to upgrade the look. 

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Side-swept isn't only for the long hair bride, it's great for those with short hair too! Add an elegant hair brooch and you are good to go. 

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Wavy or curly, with some flora here and there, is the perfect way to add a touch of sophistication to your bridal hairstyle. 

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A side-swept messy bun is the way to go for the modern bride.