How to pull off the perfect grazing table for your wedding

From themed tables to delicious dessert spreads, we’ve got you covered.

Grazing tables are having a moment. The trend, which kicked off a couple of years ago, has shown no signs of waning and we absolutely love the innovation that we’re continuing to see around this. It’s not only a fun, interactive way of serving guests food, but it also looks aesthetically appealing and Pinterest-worthy. While we can think of many reasons why you should be styling a grazing table for your wedding functions, what we love most is the sheer versatility that the concept offers—from themed tables to niche dessert boards and much more. 

Here, we’ve rounded up plenty of inspiration for you to put together a gorgeous grazing table that will have guests talking about it. 

Choose a theme and make it bespoke

Since it’s your wedding, you want to ensure you’re putting out more than just plain cheese and charcuterie for your grazing table. First off, choose a theme to go with your table. You could do something elegant like a Tuscan or Mediterranean-inspired spread with easy to pick canapés, finger foods, nuts, crudites, dips, olives, flavoured cheese wheels and crackers, or, if you’re doing a beach wedding, how about a gorgeous tropical-inspired setup? Think, exotic fruits interspersed with greens, soft cheeses, and colourful mini smoothie bowls. Play around with height and textures, using an assortment of serving bowls and even fruits as props. You can also do a tropical-inspired chocolate fountain, fruity popsicles, and a mimosa bar for boozy cocktails. 

Do a brunch-themed spread

Who doesn’t love brunch? And when it translates onto a grazing table it looks even more appealing. If you’re having a day event, then brunch can be the perfect option. There are no rules here. Put together an assortment of freshly-baked croissants, waffles, berries, honey, maple syrup and preserves that you can spoon over these delicious goodies. Throw in bakes like cinnamon rolls, stacked donuts, cruffins, banana bread, bagels…the list is endless. You can also offer individual servings of yoghurt parfait and chia pudding for those looking for healthier alternatives. 

Florals are always a good idea

There is nothing quite like flowers to make a statement and dress up your grazing table. We love the idea of playing around with bright pops of colour when it comes to adding flowers to your food spread. For something elegant, add in bunches of baby’s breath across the table. Florals can make for great contrast against a plain setup, so don’t be afraid to use bright colours. You can also try incorporating your wedding colour palette here with matching florals. Make sure you use greens and foliage for contrast and also elegant candle stands or flickering candles scattered across for a gorgeous look.  

Dessert tables deserve a spot of their own 

We’re firm believers that desserts should be not just delicious but eye-catching as well. And what better way to show them off than a grazing table? For something truly show-stopping, use tiered cake stands to display petit fours, individual-sized desserts, meringues, chocolate-dipped strawberries, cupcakes and macarons. Wholesome, rustic cakes should be added in between, where guests can cut themselves a slice. Cake popsicles and other desserts that are easy to pick up are a bonus. Dress up the table with contrasting flowers for a photo-worthy look. 

Keep it fun

There are no rules when it comes to personalising a grazing table. So, use your imagination to truly make it your own. Be it a fun DIY salad station or mixing up sweet and savoury food groups, it’s up to you on how you want to showcase your choices to give guests an immersive, interactive experience. 

Lead image: @imwholesome.india


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