Do You Really Need to Wear a Shapewear With a Sari?

Waist cinching corsets to bodycon petticoats, celebrity drape artist Dolly Jain weighs in on if you *really* need to wear them with a sari.

Shapewear can sometimes seem like a boon and other times, a man-made torture device. What started as accompanying innerwear for your bodycon dresses has progressed to be compatible with a host of other ensembles.

Case in point, the bodycon petticoat to go with your six yards of style. And, you can attribute this creation to the common perception that many people have - 'sari makes me look fat!’ The truth? Celebrity drape artist Dolly Jain says, “What I feel is that you have to select the fabric and drape the sari according to your body structure. The drape is the key here. It does not matter which designer you buy it from, but if a sari is not draped correctly, it will not look good. For easy draping, I think georgette fabric is the best. Kota and organza are also easy as long as you know the basic draping styles.”

Dolly adds that the foundation of looking great in a sari lies in the petticoat but she advises against wearing the body-shaping petticoat! “I always say, if you perfectly fit into a size M, then get a petticoat in size L with some room in it. If the petticoat is too body-hugging how will you insert the sari fabric and drape it well,” she says.

Well, now you know!


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