Athiya Shetty Opens Up About Her Romantic Relationship and Her Irrational Fears!

'I am seeing someone. And the best part is that he is mine and I don’t need to share him with anyone. He is also my best friend.'

Due to the Covid-19 lockdown, like everybody else, Shetty has been homebound and is happy spending rare quality time with her family. Over two long days, she worked on a photo-shoot from home for Brides Today, borrowing clothes and jewellery from her mother and grandmother’s closet. We shot over FaceTime in tune with the new normal. On a Zoom call with Brides Today, Shetty spoke about matters of the heart, her ambitions, and what makes her happy.

Brides Today: What’s a compliment you cannot hear enough of?

AS: That I look like my mother [Mana Kadri Shetty], and I love hearing that.

BT: What are you afraid of?

AS: Ceiling fans—I am very, very scared of them and I don’t know why. I have one in my room but I never turn it on—I find it weird. I guess it’s a phobia. And elevators. I remember being stranded inside an elevator when I was very young. I was alone and the lights went off—that instilled the fear in me. I have never been comfortable in an enclosed space; it almost traps you and doesn’t allow you to see outside of it. I like to know my surroundings and that’s something I have no control over when I am inside an elevator.

BT: Is there anything that annoys you?

AS: My dad casually cracks his knuckles every morning and it really annoys me.

BT: And what makes your smile?

AS: Conversations with the people I love and who are important to me. And puppies, of course.

BT: How would you define success?

AS: It is more about what you do with your success and how you impact people. And when I do things for others-I am happier and it motivates me to do better.


BT: At six, you knew what you would be doing 20 years later. Now, as a 27-year-old, what is your 20-year plan?

AS: Opening an old-age home. And taking over Save The Children, the NGO my mom took over from my grandmother, Vipula Kadri. Growing up, I would go there every day after school to help teach children with special needs. It’s my dream to ensure that it continues contributing to society.

BT: Are you in a relationship, and how would you describe it?

AS: I am seeing someone. And the best part is that he is mine and I don’t need to share him with anyone. He is also my best friend.

BT: In a marriage, you would look for…

AS: Balance, love, and friendship


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