The Only Hair And Skincare Regimes To Get You Through This Summer

The secret behind healthy, glowing summer skin.

Dreaming of luscious locks and that ethereal summer glow? These tried-and-tested hair and skincare regimes are perfect to spruce up your beauty routine this season. 

1. Dose of Sunshine

While lying in the sun to get that perfect tan can be damaging to your skin, bronzers can provide the same effect with the least effort. Use a powder brush to apply the product evenly on your skin. A cream bronzer is preferable for summer since your skin is drier.

fenty-beauty-body-lava-body-luminizer---who-needs-clothes-!hk$460_050918062725.jpgFENTY BEAUTY Body Lava Body Luminizer.

2. Scrub, Scrub 

A gentle sugar-based exfoliant works well for the tender skin on your lips. Without applying too much pressure, scrub your lips twice a week. The grains of sugar in the scrub help buff away dead cells to reveal a softer, healthier pout.

3. Water Baby 

The scorching heat can leave you parched, thus resulting in dry, patchy, and dull skin. Make sure your body is getting enough water during summer so that your skin stays hydrated at all times. Topical hydrants can only do so much. 

4. Spray of Moisture 

Found in the human body in small amounts, hyaluronic acid plays a major role in tissue repair and is found in a number of moisturisers. A day and night cream with hyaluronic acid makes for a brilliant emollient.


charlottes-giant-magic-cream_050918062912.jpgCharlotte Tilbury Charlotte's Giant Magic Cream Night Mask. 

5. GoldieLocks

Use shampoos that are sulfate-free to avoid frizziness and hair damage. For shiny locks, regular oiling and egg masks can be as effective as any store-bought shampoo or conditioner.

6. Mask Away

Using masks on a regular basis can do wonders for your skin provided you pick the right one. Coconut-based masks provide glow, while cocoa butter-based masks are highly moisturising. Tea tree oil-based masks can help with acne.

the-body-shop-tea-tree-anti-imperfection-night-mask_050918062845.jpgThe Body Shop Tea Tree Anti-Imperfection Night Mask. 

7. Wrap It Up 

Your body deserves to be pampered during the hot summer months and nothing works better than a wrap, followed by a massage. For inflamed skin, pick one that uses aloe vera as an ingredient so that it calms your skin down.

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