Clean Beauty: Fight Three Common Skincare Woes With Staple Kitchen Ingredients

Dr Jamuna Pai, celebrity dermatologist, recommends these simple DIY masks that could help you banish those pesky skin problems.

Get glowing skin naturally with ingredients from your kitchen!


Achieving even-toned skin is not impossible. These masks are a start—they help brighten your skin and reduce pigmentation.


1. Two tablespoons gram flour

2. Pinch of turmeric

3. One tablespoon milk

- Mix to make a smooth paste. Apply it evenly on your face, scrub lightly, and allow it to dry. Wash off with cold water.

- This mask has anti-bacterial, moisturising, exfoliating, and clarifying properties. Its regular use will help rejuvenate tired skin. Turmeric contains curcumin, which evens out pigmentation. Gram flour is an excellent exfoliator and it also helps reduce oiliness, thanks to the zinc it contains.


Regular exfoliation is key to maintaining smooth skin. Use this homemade formula that has a slightly rough touch to slough off dead skin layers. Remember to always keep a gap of at least three weeks between each exfoliation and no need to rub too hard.


1. Two teaspoons milk powder

2. One teaspoon sugar granules

- Make a paste and rub in gently. Wash off.


Sleep deprivation causes blood vessels to dilate, resulting in dark circles. Although genes are the biggest culprit, you can reduce under eye circles with a nutrient-rich mask.


1. Half an avocado

2. Half teaspoon glycerine

3. Half teaspoon honey

4. One teaspoon milk powder

5. Juice of half of a tomato

- Blend well to make a smooth paste. Apply on the face and leave for 10 minutes.

- Avocados are rich in fatty acids, oleic acid, and vitamin C and E. Milk contains lactic acid, and honey and glycerine are excellent moisturising agents. This mask not only brightens the skin, it also moisturises and refreshes.


1. Use a hydrating mask to replenish lost moisture.

2. Drink eight glasses of water.

3. Eat a well-balanced diet at regular intervals.

4. Sleep on time for a minimum of eight hours.



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