An Expert Guide on Picking the Right Scent For You

A veteran in the perfume industry and founder of Embark Fragrances, Varsha Dalal on picking the right scent.

What is the one ingredient the perfume industry is currently obsessing over?

The Bulgarian Rose. It is a complex flower that smells like lychee and raspberry along with bitter almond. It is arose that makes you dance. It’s a happy rose.

What makes the perfect scent and how should one pick their signature scent?

Fragrances are very subjective. They are extremely individualistic. Balance in a fragrance is very important. It has to have a perfect blend of notes that capture my attention at the top, build in the middle, and have long silage. Identify the fragrance
notes you like. Once that has been determined, explore fragrances with those notes. See how a fragrance develops on your skin before making the final purchase.

What is your first scent memory?

I have always been attracted to fragrances. We experience them in our everyday lives; be it in the garden, in our food, prayer etc.

Do you think one’s choice of perfume should change according to the place and temperature?

The place, mood, and atmosphere definitely affect one’s choice of perfume. One tends to have different fragrances for different aspects of one’s life. A good fragrance always adds confidence, lifts one’s mood.

Which perfume would you suggest for brides-to-be?

One that makes her happy. Inspired by the Bulgarian Rose, fresh juniper berries, and delicate violet, My Dream for Her by Embark is like an aphrodisiac of roughened pepper. It is a blend of addictive amber, extracted vanilla and magical sandalwood.


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