7 Ways to Grow Your Hair Faster and Longer!

Dermatologist and hair expert shares his hair growth hacks for longer, healthier and shinier hair.

Split-ends, fried and damaged hair may make your hair growth journey a bit difficult. When it comes to longer hair, it is all about being gentle and patient with your tresses. More often than not, we end up damaging our hair with rough hair care methods that end up causing split ends and rough ends. So, we spoke to dermatologist and hair transplant expert at SkinQure, Dr Jangid, for his favourite hair growth tips that actually work:

Massage your scalp

"Regular massage on the scalp has always been the best way to restore hair growth by stimulating hair and improving hair thickness," says Dr Jangid. You can also amp up the soaking in factor by using warm hair oil.

Choose your shampoo wisely

"Clean scalp ensures healthy hair. However, do not fall prey to over-shampooing and watch out for harsh ingredients in your product. They often sabotage your long hair plans, so it is important to study your hair type and the shampoo it requires."

Conditioner > Shampoo

"Depending on your activity levels and hair type, limit the use of shampoo, twice a week if you work out and have an oily scalp. Switch to deep conditioning instead. Use a conditioner more often to try out co-washing. Over-shampooing may take away the natural oil from your scalp leaving it unnourished and dry."

Try out natural hair masks

"Quarantine has given us a great opportunity to keep everything aside and invest more time on our hair and skin. Therefore, bond with natural ingredients such as egg as it contains an abundant protein that strengthens our hair follicles and protects them from drying."

Get hair growth nutrients

"Sometimes, your daily meals lack vitamins and nutrients that are needed to grow your hair. Therefore, you can consult your dermatologist for nutritional supplements such as protein, keratin, and vitamins that can be added to your meal for faster hair growth."

Trim regularly

"Contrary to popular opinion, not going for regular hair trims can cause split ends and dry hair. This in turn affects the hair growth and quality in the long run. So, make sure you go for regular hair trimming to ensure your hair are healthy."

Topical hair growth lotions

"Essential oils such as jojoba oil can be diluted into shampoo for a better hair count. A topical lotion containing growth factors are proven helpful for alopecia and hair loss while resulting in fast hair growth."


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