15 affirmations to say before tying the knot

For a healthy, wealthy and flourishing marriage, till death do you apart.

In the midst of all the crazy wedding frenzy, last-minute running around and feeling the gamut of emotions and jitters that one normally does prior to the wedding, we imagine you and your beau must need a moment of calm. We know that there could be a million things going through your mind, but we’d love for you take this as your reminder that, this is your day! You want to celebrate this momentous occasion with your loved one, and be fully present in the moment. We’d definitely recommend taking out sometime, to spend a few quiet moments to help calm those jitters, overcome any anxiety, reflect on the present, and just be. 

Affirmations are a great way to be mindful just before the wedding and are likely to make you feel optimistic and grateful about the adventure that is to follow. They will also help the two of you manifest the life that you hope to achieve together—in strength, love and faith. Here are a few things to keep in mind before your big day. Make sure that you both repeat these affirmations in faith, love and belief without any distractions around you. You can recite the affirmations to each other or jot it down in a joint journal. Keep them handy to look at whenever you feel anxious or stressed.

Now that you’re ready, read on below for a list of affirmations you can say before your wedding day. 

I am blessed to be marrying my best friend. 

I love everything that is yet to come. 

We will be surrounded by love and good energy on our wedding day.

I am in control of my emotions and anxiety.

Our wedding day will be as perfect as we always envisioned it to be. 

We are grateful for the presence and support of our nearest and dearest ones. 

Everything that is happening right now, is happening for the greater good. 

We are attracting healing and growth-oriented energy for our marriage. 

We have the strength to overcome all the challenges and obstacles that we face, together.

We will live a life of gratefulness. 

Our marriage will be built on love, respect and honesty. 

We will build a marriage based on open communication, trust and a solution-oriented mindset. 

We will seek to understand, accept and work towards our differences to arrive at middle ground. 

We will support and encourage each other through the ups and downs of life. 

I am open to giving and receiving unconditional love from my partner. 


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