#BTExperts Gorgeous Ways To Use Antique Heirlooms For Decorating Your Bridal Home

Every home tells a story and so will yours with these expert-approved ways to invest in heirloom pieces for decor.

Heirlooms are considered to be the window into one’s family history. They are not merely objects passed from one generation to another; they are memoirs of the bond, the warmth and the heritage shared by family members.

Which is why incorporating these precious heirlooms in your homes weaves a story of the life shared by the loved ones. But, what is the correct way of doing it? We got three experts to tell us about how exactly should one decorate their home with heirlooms.


Anuradha Aggarwal, Creative Director of OLIVES CRE:

Antiques and heirlooms are the items that give home an environment, which is comfortable and personal. Antiques add an emotional perspective to space and allow you to incorporate some past trends with modern design. Heirlooms when added to the room tell a story and act as a focal point in any corner of your home. You have to be cautious while adding antiques as they can give the space an outdated vibe. There are numerous ways of adding antiques and heirlooms in the form of old sofas, candle-holders, and mirrors. A beautifully carved wooden chair can be placed at one of the corners, bringing a vintage style to space. Traditionally loved accents, if well placed can be blended with modern pieces without losing its charm.

Bhawana Bhatnagar, Interior Stylist, Founder of Casa Exotique:

What a person genuinely likes can never go out of style, whether adding an age-old vase on the dining table or placing the family’s old yet shiny brass lamp. Indeed, the most sui generis furniture and prosaic of late 19th-century or pre-independence era are the legacies of grandparents, which add sublime authenticity and character to the home. Arranging heirloom pieces in one place without creating cluttering or visual chaos, like a traditional console table holding various exotic bibelots, which grabs the interest of passerby. Framing the interior with a family’s old brown furniture, antique silver cups, or random oddments gives a touch of the time that impresses every visitor entering there.

Rishabh Sarpal, Conceptualise Interior Designer, Founder of Rishabh Sarpal Atelier:

There is no denying on interiors designed with the elements of history and radiates its timeless appeal. Moreover, a home replete with collectables and belongings, which have been handed down from generations-to-generations, channels the spirit of liveliness and uniqueness. Further, one can style the table-scape with attractive antique cutlery, from silver coin punch ladles to bone-handled knives, designing an interesting table setting, or place the grandfather's wall clock on a darkened lime-washed wall. There is indeed something magical about the heirlooms, incorporating it with a modern style interior enhances the look of a home.


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