Has the Pandemic Caused Social Media Fatigue?

Are you suffering from it? Identify the signs and get rid of it

Among the many things that the pandemic brought in tow, social media fatigue is a major issue. If you are unaware of the term and are wondering what it means, we have got Malini Agarwal, founder MissMalini and creative director, Malini's Girl Tribe to shed some light.

“Social media fatigue is that exhausting blue-filter feeling you get when you’re scrolling endlessly through other people’s “perfect lives”, while getting increasingly anxious about your own. General fatigue is defined as a term used to describe a feeling of lack of energy and tiredness, often accompanied by zero motivation. Being sleepy could be a symptom of fatigue, but it’s not the same thing. If you’ve dropped your phone on your face while scrolling Instagram - more than once I must admit - you’re probably even unknowingly addicted to that feeling,” explains Malini.

She further defines social media as a drug and we are all unwitting users. And the irony is, social media was supposed to be a virtual gateway to connect us to the rest of the world, instead it feels like an endless maze programmed to suck us in. “It’s like Hotel California for my generation only”, adds Malini.


To wean you away from social media, Malini suggests an insta-rehab programme that doesn’t need you to give up your phone! Read on…

1. The next time you’re tempted to scroll through someone else’s carefully curated autobiography, stop and think of a person you truly love and care about and visit theirs. Make the time to leave their often unvalidated post some love. They feel good, you feel good. Everybody wins!

2. Download apps or games that relax your mind. Apps like Calm and Fabulous offer easy-to-follow mediations and help you form good habits by acknowledging and rewarding you for remembering to drink enough water three days in a row. Build your own Koi Pond or Butterfly Garden, there are even Apps to satisfy your ASMR needs.

3. Stay tuned for the Girl Tribe by MissMalini App. A fun and safe digital community for women - launching this Christmas. A community built on the foundation of love and kindness where positivity is literally a currency that you can redeem for products and experiences. Not to mention conversations with women who want nothing more than to be there for each other.

4. Follow accounts that spread sunshine, watch puppies frolic in the grass, or that timeless video of a dad singing “Girls Like You” with his daughter wrapped up in a towel.

5. Be your own curator. You are your own most important and loyal influencee. Use that power wisely. Be a good influence on yourself and say farewell to fatigue.


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