Your Daily Tarot For Saturday November 16th

Our in-house Tarot card reader tells us what's in store for your Zodiac sign.


You need to be extra careful before you trust anyone at work. Your health needs attention. Do not trust anyone for any kind of work plan until and unless you know all the risks involved. Friends might not be able to give you the support you will be seeking.


Do not get irritated and do not use shortcuts to finish your work. Try to meditate and pray. Take care of your health. Not a good day for financial investments. Avoid arguments and fights.


Today you will notice an improvement in all your relationships. Get out of your comfort zone and explore more opportunities and avenues at work. An average day for financial transactions.


A very harmonious and balanced day. Your financial condition is stable. Health is under control. New opportunities will come your way, hence trust your potential, abilities and expertise and try to take them up as challenges and grow with it in your work. 


A very confused and hectic day. Lots of things will not go as planned, so be ready for on-the-spot changes. Take care of your health. Do not trust people blindly. Do not follow the herd, believe in yourself.


You will be in a hurry to complete things. Do not rush into things, rather evaluate all the aspects and then make your decision. Your health needs attention. You need to stop being so lazy and need to get up and get things going. Do not have too many expectations from your friends.


Do not be discouraged and disheartened if things do not go as planned, rather use of this time to harness your skills. The right time will come. Take care of your health. Do not take any financial risks.


There are chances that you might get opportunities or an offer for a new job. If you’re into sports, you need to practise more for the coming events. Your health is good. There are chances of meeting up with old friends and acquaintances. Expect the workload, but your work is good.


A celebration or a get-together is on the cards. Take care of your health.Your financial condition is stable and is going strong. Do not take any unnecessary risks. Enjoy this stable and calm time right now.


Everything will seem to go as planned. Try to use your position and authorities to help others. If you want, you can take a risk and invest in some long term financial plans. Do not lend money to anyone. Your health is going good.


Joy, praise, success and victory are coming your way. Good time to celebrate with family and friends. Health is stable. You are in a position where you can take major financial decisions without any risk. Enjoy this joyous time.


Patience is the key word to hang onto till success doesn’t arrive. Take care of your health. There is stability and harmony in your personal and professional relationships.


Predictions by: Honey Grewal Instagram: Facebook: Email:


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