Wedding Planners Share Why Flowers and Foliage are an Upcoming Decor Trend

Big and brassy, or quietly romantic, botanicals capture the mood and spirit of modern weddings.

The big fat Indian wedding is moving slowly from an over-the-top feast for the eyes to modern minimalism. “I think, finally, less is more. Brides and grooms are more aware and consciously opt for alternatives for florals and voluptuous structures,” says event planner and wedding decorator Devika Sakhuja. “The natural, softer look with rustic wood furniture and greens appeals to most new-age couples.” Italy’s favourite fashionista Chiara Ferragni’s wedding in 2018 saw some of the most artistic photo-op backgrounds in which leaves were the real heroes. Similarly, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas used foliage backdrops at their wedding reception in Delhi last year.

3_091120020002.jpgFloral chandelier by Floral Pursuit

For couples who are environmentally conscious and not looking to break the bank, using leaves for your wedding décor is a great way to achieve both things. Sumati Aggarwal, the founder Pursuit says, “Most brides that come to me tell me that they want a photo-op wall that is Instagram-worthy. The great thing about greenery is that it is an excellent backdrop since it doesn’t clash with most colours and there’s a lot of room to play with shapes and surfaces. We often get requests for frondescent archways, chandeliers, and table décor. And all of these happen to be spots that are photographed by the guests.”

4_091120020223.jpgChair arrangements by Phoolandevi

The interesting thing about using leaves and branches for décor is that they allow the focus to be on different colours and consistencies within the greens and browns. This kind of attention to detail can drastically change the look of an installation. Brides like the green because it photographs better, and each function looks unique.

5_091120020358.jpgDécor by Silhouette Events and The Bridal March & Co

The vast variety of plants create a lot of room for innovation, so everybody’s décor looks different. Aakriti Anand of Silhouette Events adds, “We mostly use monstera and ivy leaves and pampas grass, which have been gaining popularity in the Indian wedding market and one can expect to see a lot more of them in the time to come. Also, to create variety, I like to use different leaves for different parts of the venue. For instance, if the archway is done with ficus and ruscus leaves, then we don’t use the same for table décor. Green is always beautiful and, of course, more economical than flowers; a lot of brides have shown interest in this theme.”

7_091120020605.jpgDécor by Silhouette Events and The Bridal March & Co


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