20 Wedding Favour Ideas That Your Guests Will Love

From edible favours to aromatic ones to personalised gifts, these are the perfect giveaways to make your wedding a memorable one for your guests.


1. Seeds


What could be better than helping out the environment with this thoughtful party favour?

2. Mini Succulents


Help your guests add a cutesy pop of green to their homes.

3. Potpourri


A fun aromatic favour that your guests will enjoy as much as you will while making it

4. Incense


If  you're a fan of aromatic favours, this incense stick station is another way to go.

5. Bottle Opener


Something both practical and adorable to remind your guests of your wedding everytime they use it!

6. Cocktail Kit


Keep the party going after the reception wraps up with this gorgeous cocktail kit.

7. Prosecco


A bottle of prosecco is always a classic people-pleaser.

8. Candy


Let your guests fill up their gift bags with an assortment of candies.

9. Chocolates


Giving away chocolates under mini cloches is sure to up the part favour game.

10. Macarons


Nothing beats this gorgeous French dessert, especially if they're embossed!

11. Popcorn


For their midnight munchies after an evening of dancing.

12. Crayons


Let the parents have a night off as you distract their kids with a set of crayons and colouring paper

13. Jellybeans


Jellybeans in adorable glassware for the kids to get their sugar rush going.

14. Champagne gummies


Don't let adults miss out on the fun with these drunken gummies.

15. Wallflowers


Frame your favourite wallflowers and calligraphy your guests names on the glass for this stunning party favour.

16. Candles


Give away candles scented with your favourite aromas in copper packaging embossed with their names.

17. Blankets


For an outdoor wedding in the fall, consider giving away comfy blankets.

18. Folding Handfans


Inversely, for an outdoor wedding in the summer, give away hand fans for guests to keep themselves cool.

19. CDs


Make mixtapes for your guests to listen to on their ride back home.

20. Keychains


Hand out vintage key-shaped keychains to lend your wedding that classic romantic feel.


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