Ways to Keep Your Guests Cool at a Summer Wedding

Here's how to ensure you and your guests have the time of your lives at your summer wedding!

1. Sunscreen: If you're having an outdoor ceremony, be sure have sunscreen on hand to protect guests from sunburn.


2.  Straw Hats and Fans: Give guests accessories like straw hats and fans to keep cool during the ceremony.


3. Parasols: Keep baskets of pretty parasols on hand so guests can shield themselves from the sun.


4. Facial Mist: Another stay-cool idea: create a help-yourself station of mini spray bottles filled with cool fragrant water.


5. Citronella Candles: Purchase a supply of citronella candles to keep the bugs at bay and away from your guests.


6. Sunglasses: Offer sunglasses that match your wedding colours with a cute note attached for when the sun is up high.


7. Flip-flops: Keep baskets of flip-flops handy as an incentive to kick off their heels and hit the dance floor!



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