Vaani Kapoor Shares Her Checklist On How To Be The Perfect Bridesmaid To Your Bestie

From the selecting gifts for the bride to planning the bachelorette, here's a handy guide to be the best maid of honour.

The Checklist

“Be there for her from the start—from selecting the outfit to the venue and flowers. don’t miss anything and don’t arrive late.”

“Cash makes for a great gift—she can use it for shopping. add a personalised touch by including two coffee mugs with the couple’s portrait or initials on it.”

“If she gets overwhelmed, or cranky, you need to stay calm—take a deep breath and remind yourself that it’s her big day.”

“Your main job is to make sure your friend enjoys herself. get her the drink she wants, share a joke when you have a quiet moment, and sneak her out for a break when she needs one!”

“Be generous with your time and patience, especially when she’s figuring out the small details. hear her out if she gets nervous, and if she loses her cool, politely snap her out of it.”

The Bachelorette


The girls-only holiday is one of the highlights in the months leading up to the wedding. It’s when the bride-to-be can unwind, catch up with her friends, and let her hair down. And who better to plan this break than her best friend?

Here are my tried-and-tested tricks on how to make this getaway unforgettable.

COME TOGETHER: Start a Whatsapp group with the bride’s closest friends to decide on the destination, dates, and hotels. Reach out at least two months in advance, so that you have enough time to plan it.

ALL ABOARD: It’s more fun when everyone is on the same flight. Get a travel agent to book your tickets and seats—it will save you time and the hassle of coordinating with each person individually.

PICTURE THIS: For great photographs, and a fun way to bond, decide on a dress code for one of the evenings. You can all wear one colour or identical accessories like bathrobes, hats, or sarongs.

JUST FOR LAUGHS: Include fun games for the bride-to-be—ask the friends to share a photograph of them together or recount a funny anecdote. And remember to include a pre-recorded message from her fiancé as well.

BEST-LAID PLANS: Prep a list of the restaurants, clubs, museums, and shopping centres that you would like to visit on your trip. Buy your entrance tickets and make reservations in advance. That said, always be open to a change of plans—some of the happiest memories come about in unexpected ways!


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