These Goan-style Rustic Villas Are What We Call Earthy Chic

All about country homes and eco-friendly living. 

Founders of Studio Momo, Meetu Akali and Benjamin Robb speak on the art of country homes and love for all things local.

A country home must be easy, comfortable, and low on mantainence. Work with locally available materials. Natural stones, reclaimed wooden flooring, cast-insitu are some of the natural materials that you can opt for to add texture.

Bathroom settingStudio Momo

Bathroom settingStudio Momo

Go for comfortable couches, lounge chairs, and lots of cushions for a relaxed feel.

Living room settingStudio Momo

Accessorise using worn-out wooden antiques. Use local plants for the landscape and create outdoor entertainment areas.

Antique wooden staircaseStudio Momo

Mixing straight lines and geometric patterns with soft curves ensures a warm look. Since most of our projects are about renovating country homes based in Goa, we like to take inspiration from traditional Portuguese homes. For example, we like the traditional Portuguese elements such as the verandah columns and balcaos, but like to make it more contemporary by softening the curves and making it lighter-looking.

Bedroom settingStudio Momo

We design bespoke flooring patterns for all our projects and work with antiques and upcycled furniture. Antique wooden benches, wicker baskets, Goan-planter chairs, terracotta planters, and marble bird baths help create an easy-going feel or as they call in Goa, a susagade vibe.

Bedroom settingStudio Momo

Dinner setINV Home

Capricorn Brass sculptureAddress Home

Since Goa has vibrant beaches, we derive our colour palettes from myriad shades of the sun and the sea. Colours such as yellow, blue, aqua, jade green, and white help impart a breezy vibe.

Bath settingStudio Momo

Wall artStudio Momo

We suggest looking at nature to understand colour combinations. That way one can never go wrong. Avoid cluttering the space. Lamps and chandeliers should be sufficiently placed but nothing, which is overly bright.

Bath settingStudio Momo

LanternAddress Home


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