The Ultimate Wedding Spread For 2020

Award-winning chef Manish Mehrotra of Indian Accent gives you the low-down on the food trends for 2020.

What you serve at your wedding is just as important as the decor itself—after all, a well-fed guest is always a happy guest. And this year, the trends for cuisines, spreads, and cocktails have switched up a notch. We speak with award-winning chef Manish Mehrotra of Indian Accent—who has created special menus for the country’s leading industrialists, heads of state, and celebrities—on what cuts the mustard when it comes to the ultimate wedding spread.



This year, I don’t think destination weddings are going to be popular. Instead of calling chefs from Mexico, Italy, or London, people will invite regional chefs who are famous for particular dishes and cuisines—a mouth-wateringchaatfrom Benaras, idlis from Madurai, or goshtaba from Kashmir. Think out of the box and ask a renowned chef or caterer to curate a menu using indigenous flavours— the idea is to innovate with local ingredients, make the dishes seem exotic, and create a fresh experience at the wedding.


People will want small bites that they can stand and eat, without having to wait in a long cue to serve themselves. Think canapés, bowl foods, and hors d’oeuvre. A wide range of starters is a really good way to make the menu seem grand, while controlling the portions. Try to keep a variety of snacks in lesser quantities so that if something runs out, its doesn't matter because there are 10 more dishes doing the rounds.


Getting famous restaurants to recreate their tasting menus was a trend that picked up in 2019, and will continue this year, too. We had created a complete sit-down restaurant for a diamond merchant’s wedding in Mumbai, and another restaurant once did a buffet service with four courses and dessert. You can invite a famous Chettinad restaurant from a region, or even ask your favourite local one to improvise for you.


Over the past two years, there has been a rise in special cuisines like the buratta or truffle counters. This year, taco counters are getting popular. This Mexican dish is small and easy to eat at a party. They are also a favourite because people don't like to touch things that are very messy and spoil their very expensive saris and lehengas.


A major trend picking up is creating an elaborate bar with a celebrity bartender behind it. Earlier, weddings had simple bars where the main focus was the type of liquor being served. Now, the attention is on the drinking experience, with artisan cocktails and theatrics done by professionals in the industry.


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