Real Brides Confess Their Bridezilla Moments And Biggest Wedding Day Regrets

A bridal tantrum? We can only imagine.

Amidst the multiple wedding errands and responsibilities, one is bound to snap at some given point of time. Whether you call it a bridezilla moment or not, bridal tantrums aren't rare. I mean it's your wedding day so I guess you're allowed to be intolerably demanding, to an extent.

We went ahead and asked three brides to confess their bridezilla moments as well as the biggest wedding day regret they experience till date.

Rituparna Madhukalya: "Well, I have to confess that I had a bridezilla moment a night before my wedding. My decorator called me up to inform me that the location that was going to be used for the mandap was no longer available, as the banquet owner changed his mind last minute. So to put things into perspective, there was no mandap for me to get married in the next morning.

I felt those jitters and chills run down my spine and I told my decorator to do whatever it took to arrange a  mandap by morning. I know that I blasted him, as well as my fiancée for no fault of their own, but I couldn't help it. My fiancée ran to the venue and decided to work something out within the night. When I reached my wedding venue in the morning I was in disbelief. A beautiful wedding mandap stood right before my eyes. I will be forever grateful to my decorator and husband for going that extra mile and ensuring that everything is perfect for my d-day. My fiancée and I had waited 15 long years for that special day, so there was no place for regret."

Chandni Mahajan: "Bridezilla moment? Hell yes. I somehow managed to arrange a decorator for my Mehendi function a night before, and only I know how! I was roaming about here and there in search of a low-key vendor who could undertake the responsibility for the venue decorations on my terrace. I have to agree that I threw a bit of a tantrum, but you really can't blame me. Can you? With respect to wedding day regrets, I don't have very many. In fact our guests were more than happy and so were we! However, I sometimes wonder how it would've been to host a day-time wedding. They are certainly more fun and vibrant!"

Sandali Kapoor: "I experienced a bridezilla moment when I was en route to a salon to get ready for my big day. My taxi driver took the wrong route and I got super late. Evidently, I panicked and threw a bit of a fit. Being the bride we expect everything to fall into place almost magically. The decor, attire, performances, photo-shoots etc., all must be impeccable. However, amidst all of this we usually forget to enjoy ourselves. I also fell victim to this common bridal mistake. I was so busy trying to ensure that everything happens smoothly, that I forgot to take a moment and enjoy."


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