Real Brides Share The Best Piece Of Wedding Advice They've Ever Received

Want to ensure that your wedding is everything you'd envisioned? Well, cue in on this important advice.

Planning to get hitched anytime soon? Well if you are, let me warn you that your life is going to change (for the better hopefully). Before making the plunge into married life, why not be open to some valuable wedding advice? We got real brides to reveal the biggest piece of wedding advice they received prior to their D-day, and here is some coming your way too! (considering they've been there and done that).

Rituparna Madhukalya - "Do you know which is the most fun and memorable wedding that I've ever attended? My Own.I got a ton of wedding advice from my near and dear ones, and would love to share some with you.

First and foremost, I urge you busy brides to maintain a 'Wedding Planning Diary' (trust me it's a lifesaver). It will help you stay organised and is a must-have when it comes to record keeping and let's not forget, the to-do list! As your special day approaches, more elements of the wedding require your attention. It is then, when you’ll be grateful that you maintained a diary.

Another important one is to ensure that you brief your wedding photographer about your expectations, well in advance. The same goes for your wedding planner, caterer, etc, to avoid unwanted last minute chaos. Do schedule all your dress fittings for the wedding functions and make sure that you have left enough time margin for unexpected adjustments (you don't want to be running errands last minute). Possibly the most solid piece of wedding advice I received was to leave some room in my wallet. It's important to allocate an extra ten percent of your money for last minute surprise expenses!

All in all, you must keep in mind that things never always go as planned. In case something goes wrong or doesn’t happen the way you envisioned, avoid panicking or getting upset. In short, don't sweat the small stuff! This day is the most beautiful day of your life; something you have imagined and awaited since you were little. So make an effort to enjoy each and every moment to the fullest. Why not take this opportunity to eat, laugh, dance and get some insta-worthy pictures in place? My husband said, "Whatever happens today, we will not let anything spoil our moods. We have waited fifteen years for this very special day."

My wedding album is full of crazy, funny pictures and in the end no one is going to remember how much effort you had put into planning. So ensure that you are left with happy memories and more, ones that you can reminisce later in life."

Chandni Mahajan -"The biggest piece of wedding advice was given to me by my sister. She told me not to go all-out compulsive shopping when it came to Indianwear. for my trousseau, since the trends keep changing (and honestly I wouldn't wear them as much either). "Invest in your wedding lehenga wisely", she said. One often doesn't make use of their heavy bridal lehenga ever again (however, it doesn't have to be that way. Check out:

Besides all that, I would urge you brides to keep a few things in mind. First, remember that respect is paramount and love comes secondary. Make sure that you and your husband mutually share a certain level of respect for one another. This is one trick to a successful and happy marriage, ensuring longevity. Secondly (a secret advice), do not back-bite or use abysmal words for your in-laws or husband in front of your natal family, and vice versa. If you do, trust me you are digging a grave for yourself sooner or later!"

Sandali Kapoor -"Elders are usually correct, even if they may not seem at that point in time. Before my nuptials, my mother said, "Never compare yourselves with any other couple. Every couple is different, everyone's journey is different, and similarly everyone's way of expressing love is different too." Instead of holding comparisons, one should make the effort to take note of the virtues in their partner, and must remember to stick with each other in tough times.

I want to take a minute and tell all the brides out there to be ready for change. There will be a flood of changes in your lifestyle since you are going to a different home. There may be differences in opinions, people may have different expectations, and some might even judge you. However, you must remember to be yourself and stand your ground. Don't try to be what you are not, just be what you actually are, and gradually people will accept you for you.


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