Power Your Home Workouts With This Energy Boosting Smoothie

Celebrity sports nutritionist Ryan Fernando, tells you how to fuel up!

Working out at home can tend to get a little boring and might need a lot of motivation. Add to it your drooping energy levels. We don’t blame you, this confinement has made us a lot less energetic than usual. To help you ace through the lazy mornings and pep you up with a burst of energy, here’s a smoothie that will get you and up and about.  Ryan Fernando, the nutritionist to the Indian women cricket team and cricketers like Shikhar Dhawan, Yuvraj Singh and Harbhajan Singh, recommends this smoothie that can be easily made at home.

The Immunity Building Smoothie



100g Celery or carrots. Both celery and carrots are excellent detox ingredients.

100g Cucumber. It has high water content.

1 Medium pear or apple. Fruits are rich in vitamins and antioxidants which helps in development of resistance against infections.

1 tsp Chia seeds or pumpkin seeds. Both the seeds are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are used as recovery foods.

1 tsp Coriander seeds. They are used to treat digestion problems and loss of appetite.

200ml Milk. A source of protein to prevent muscle wasting.

½ tsp Ginger. A natural fat burner and anti-inflammatory.

A pinch of turmeric or pepper. One of highest immunity giving foods, works best when consumed in combinations.


1. Wash and chop the ingredients. Seeds can be dry roasted, to enhance the taste.

2. Add it to the blender.

3. Blend it into a smoothie consistency and consume post-workout.


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