Oh-So-Boho Homes Only For Newlyweds

The bohemian theme is stuff that couple dreams are made of. Arya Nerker, design head at Nicobar Home, gives a low-down on styling boho-chic nests.

For a quintessential bohemian look, layer fabrics that you’ve collected over the years and style optimally with fabrics and textures drawing from a common colour palette, or in an ombre of one hue.


The idea is to create a look that isn’t bound by rules, and evokes a sense of freedom. Étagère and pillows are a lovely addition to a bohemian moodboard.


The person decorating or living in the space defines the boho-chic flavour. It is not a style to be dictated by someone or copied from anywhere. It comes from within, from an overflowing sense of abandon and a passion for travel.

settingRain and Peacock

outdoor settingNicobar

The best way to execute the theme is to juxtapose older items with modern ones, always working with what you have at hand. Frame grandma’s photographs and turn them into a wall installation of sorts that sit beside lacquered bowls that you might have picked up in Bhutan.


Masai collectionNicobar

A bohemian palette thrives on colours, set against the warmth of wooden furniture. Play with the burnish of antique silver, deep navy, earthy brown, sunshine yellow, and pops of pink and red. If your base palette is composed of modern whites, layering generously with bits from all over the world will help create that well-travelled, bohemian look. This is when cushions, table runners, and throws come into play, for a space that is plentiful yet serene. Floor cushions and bolsters are a welcome addition to encourage lounging.

Marina stirrersNicobar

While choosing objects of curiosities, veer towards the handmade. Avoid jarring elements such as the juxtaposition of nickel and silver. Consider each flat space as an open shelf that’s meant to be decorated with bits and bobs.



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