Nutritionist Karishma Chawla Shares The Perfect Meal Plan For Non-Gym Goers

All you need to know to look fit and fabulous without hitting the gym regularly.

Are your home workouts not making up for pre-lockdown gym sessions? Or are you looking to utilise the self-isolation time to get healthier?

Well, getting fit is all about maintaining a balance between diet, exercise and of course, spiritually and mentally calm.

Nutritionist and lifestyle educator Karishma Chawla agrees. She says, "The math to achieve any fitness goal can be broken up as- 60 per cent the foods you eat, 20 per cent the workout and 20 per cent your commitment towards your goal. Even though not being able to keep up with daily gym session during quarantine might be a concern for many, do not use this as an excuse to not indulge in any physical activity."


So, she suggests a comprehensive and delicious meal plan that you can try out to keep up with your fitness goals:


 Lemon water/ cinnamon water

 Followed by a fruit- apple/ pear


 Oats porridge with apple grated + cinnamon + stevia (if needed )

 Savoury snack: vegetable paratha/ red rice poha/ oats upma

 Museli in milk (sparingly )Can add egg whites/ protein shake to any of the above options


 1 fruit: apple/pear/orange/sweet lime/guava/papaya- preferably, if not, then any fruit available.

The idea is to finish your quota of eating fruits before 12 pm.

 You can also make a smoothie with greens such as kale + desired green along with one fruit. You can also add chia seeds to boost the smoothie(this is a good liver detox!)


You can sip on fennel water 15 minutes prior to lunch. Options for lunch are:

 Roti +veggies + dal/pulse / egg curry+ curd/ raita / buttermilk

 Brown rice +pulse ( rajma) + raita

 Red rice/ brown rice/ quinoa/ dalia khichdi with veggies/ kale avocado salad + curd/ raita/ buttermilk


Light snack options

 Nuts ( almonds, walnuts, brazil nuts) 30-40 masala peanuts or peanut salad

 Sprouts Bhel

 Masala steamed pulse for eg chana. You can add eggs/protein shakes to either of these


Use the concept of cooking once eating twice

 Leftover roti from lunch: roasted and made as a khakra with masala+ soup +/ or egg salad

 Tear roti into bite-size and sauteed in onions, tomatoes, bell peppers with herbs + spices + paneer cutlet/ egg salad

 Brown rice (afternoon leftover ) made as lemon rice, curd rice, tangy tomato rice + egg curry/ egg bhurji/ paneer bhurji

 Moong dal chilla + soup + curd

 Palm-size chicken/fish + bowl sauteed veggies


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