Millennial Grooms, Here's What You Must Know About The Perfect Wedding Ensemble

Tanya Vohra, the founder of CLAD, shares how grooms and their best men don’t have to compromise on their personal style for their wedding day

Not a sherwani from the same atelier that your best man shops from nor a store-bought tuxedo - wedding fashion is so much more than that.

"For years, the mothers or brides of grooms have been selecting or picking out clothes for them. We would like to see grooms getting more involved in their sartorial choices and picking out looks that match their own style sensibilities. The primary goal of CLAD is to basically educate men further about wedding fashion. There are so many Indian designers doing such interesting and different men’s wear that people haven’t even heard off. I want men to experiment with their wedding looks, explore different Indian silhouettes or designers. The idea to be able to make the whole wedding shopping experience exciting for them too," says Tanya Vohra, the founder CLAD - an exclusive styling service catering to Indian grooms and their families.


CLAD was born when Tanya noticed a visible lack of styling services for grooms when she was styling her husband and the men in both their families for her own wedding. She says, "From getting them designer appointments, customizing each of their looks based on their specific requirements to taking care of all fittings and coordination, that’s when I really felt that there was a gap in the market for a service like this."

Not just matching with the bride...

For long, wearing matching ensembles or a wedding outfit that colour-coordinates with that of the bride was the pinnacle of wedding styling for grooms.

"No two grooms are ever the same. We believe that the best style is personalised and work hard to combine instinct and understanding while finalising their outfits. From the tiniest details to the larger looks, your wardrobe will make sure you stand out in a way that's authentic to you. The most important part of the service is to really listen to them, other than matching with the bride, incorporating their own personal style into the choice of clothes is incredibly important," says Tanya.


Take your personal style to your wedding!

As Tanya says - No two grooms are alike. Your wedding celebrations are all about looking your best while feeling comfortable and staying true to your personal style.

Whether it is minimalistic or maximalist- your ensemble should reflect you.

"So far, the grooms that have reached out to us have been very excited about the idea of styling their wedding looks. One of our groom’s style was very minimalistic, and even though he wanted to stand out as a groom, he didn’t want his outfits to be over the top or too loud. So, we found different and creative ways of making his looks special and unique. His wedding look was a very understated Rajesh Pratap Singh sherwani in a handloom linen silk fabric with square embroidery in zari thread spread across the outfit. To enhance the look, we added gold theva buttons on the sherwani, a pink custom cotton silk weave safa with hand block print in gold and custom-designed a beautiful uncut kalgi to go with it. The little details not only made him stand out as a groom but were also true to his personal style," says Tanya.

Well, now you know.


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