How To Make Your Home A Kitsch Paradise

Here's all you need to know about kitsch art for homes.  

Raseel Gujral Ansal from Casa Pop decodes the quirky, mash-up style of kitsch for just married couples. Welcome pop shades, graphic art, and cheeky humour this season.

Kitsch is an exciting format with no set creative guidelines or stylistic boundaries. Wallpapers are an intrinsic part of the theme; it is “art by the metre.” This theme is suitable for the young generation or eclectic personalities who are more open to new ideas.

Framed Wall artIndia Circus



Illustrations and other graphic collections are quite a popular way to highlight the theme.

Frosted glassesIndia Circus

ChairIndia Circus

Moloko cabinet by

The furniture should be on the bolder lines and more experimental—something that stands out with art printed on it, or one that features a statement silhouette.

FurnitureCasa Pop

Opt for cushions in a gamut of wild shades and whimsical prints. From salmon pink to neon pink, aubergine, green, gold, emerald green, forest green, blood red, mustard grey, and burnt orange (even ivory and a hint of black)—think a kaleidoscope of vivid colours.

Cushion coversCasa Pop

Follow your own temperament to take cues to design the space at hand. If you love subtlety, then opt for only a few statement pieces whereas if you are not afraid to take kitsch up to the next level, let it be all over the walls.

DresserCasa Pop

Remember a golden rule—graphic art is the king or queen of a kitsch space. From movie posters to street art, truck art, and graffiti—the canvas is wild and wide. So be unafraid to pursue creativity and beauty. Be spontaneous and a little cheeky. Let humour be the chief accent.

CabinetCasa Pop

Kitsch can be rendered in elegant formats as well by choosing to work with typically feminine, beautiful motifs. You can add pieces in bronzes and ceramics to enhance the space further.

Living room settingCasa Pop

living room settingCasa Pop




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