5 Expert-Approved Ways To Curb Unhealthy Snacking During Lockdown

Suffering from sweet-savoury cravings this lock-down? Here's how to put an end to it.

Been bingeing off and on? Yes, we caught you red-handed. However, with the lockdown in place one really can’t blame you for constantly snacking. But while we let you off easy, you must realise that the real problem arises when you opt for unhealthy comfort-foods to satisfy your cravings.

We understand that you might feel somewhat stuck in this dilemma, which is why we have experts on board to guide you through these trying times. Ms. Preety Tyagi - Lead Health Coach, Nutritionist and Founder My22BMI, and Harshita Dilawri - Nutritionist and Diabetic Educator, give you the lowdown on how to curb excessive snacking during lock-down.

Maintain and Monitor Your Routine

Just like one must set up a productive ‘to-do’ list for the day, in the same way you must monitor your eating schedule too. Maintaining a food log or a food journal would certainly make things easier. Practice jotting down the consumed items for the day, along with the time of intake. While this may sound methodical and tedious, it will help you keep a tab on your lock-down diet. This log will serve as a powerful tool that will connect your brain with your physical/emotional hunger, helping you distinguish between plain boredom hunger and real hunger.

Focus On the ‘How To…’

A bunch of you may also be concerned with respect to several ‘how to’s’. While snacking on unhealthy food items does its due damage, bingeing on these very items is even worse! In such a case, one must figure out ‘what to eat’ (to keep our immunity intact), ‘how to eat’, ‘how to manage healthy meals’ (with limited ingredients on hand), ‘how to cook’ (as some of us may not be very experienced) and ‘how to be disciplined’ with our diet and health goals.

Go Junk Free

What could be the best case scenario? Keep the house free of junk! If you ensure that you don’t buy unhealthy food items in the name of ‘essentials’, you won’t need to worry about anything at all. Inaccessibility and unavailability does the trick.

Be a Mindful Eater

The current times are testing your perseverance and will, in all areas of life. Take the lock-down as a blessing in disguise, to reverse your unhealthy lifestyle and dietary habits. Plan the menu ahead, eat a nutritious and wholesome meal, and consequently avoid nibbling. If working near the kitchen serves as a trigger, avoid that too!

Drink Up

The easiest, healthiest, and possibly the most essential way to curb your hunger pangs is to keep yourself hydrated. While curating the food log, you can also chart out a water sheet where you note the quantity of water consumed in a day. Drinking water helps boost your metabolism, cleanse your body of waste, and acts as an appetite suppressant. Besides health benefits, water does wonders for your skin too, giving you no reason to complain!


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