#BTExplores Sapna Pabbi Shares How To Explore Her Home City Of London The Royal Way

A true Londoner, the actor spills tea (English Earl Grey, of course) on the best places to explore in the city.

London is usually a home run to see my family for me. It’s usually my pitstop on the way there or back from London that becomes my little break/holiday. This time I picked Barcelona as it was one of the warmest cities in Europe right now and I've not been to Spain in a few years.

I like to pick smaller boutique hotels or hostel hotels right bang in the coolest part of the city (usually recommended by local friends or friends of friends)  when I’m travelling solo so there is enough happening around me and I can meet other solo travellers for info and company.

London is home. I am born and brought in London and my family is still living there. So, I love the city and all the eclectic experiences it has to offer. Yes, sadly the weather can be gloomy, but the city has so much to keep you busy along with being really safe and well regulated it doesn’t really leave room for disappointment. Also, the pubs and local inns are the best with a warm fire burning and cosy groups running inside for giggles and warm grub. It’s definitely a rare warm and fuzzy atmosphere you won’t find anywhere else.


The public transport, particularly the London Underground, is so efficient and offers a variety of smooth options for every kind of traveller. For me, the transport system in London definitely world-class as it also promotes a greener environment by placing congestion charges encouraging everyone to lower emissions and utilise public transport.


There is something for everyone in London, done to perfection. For example, you can find all types of world cuisines that are quite accurately made. Same goes for shopping and world produce.

Again since I AM A LONDONER my forever favourite spot is the Carnaby Street area. There’s a banger and mash place, a blues bar, a French coffee stop, a red lion pub on the corner, a busker on the corner of the street who uses kitchenware as instruments.


There are boutique shop versions of high-end brands where you can find the more limited edition collections. It’s the perfect spot to walk around at any given time in London Town. And, being close to Oxford circus - you can easily hop on a bus and go the next best place Covent Garden or a couple of tube stops to start your indie/alternative music evening in Camden Town.

Another place you must visit is the Covent Garden to have a coffee by the converse and watch some live buskers do their thing. You can also take a picnic basket for St. James’s Park. Check out the Portobello Road Market especially if you are a fan of Notting Hill. Generally, just take a stroll through west London and do not miss a west end musical - my favourite is Wicked the musical.


Well, I’m a sucker for big fat English breakfast fry ups and pub grub. So, I highly recommend heading to a cosy pub on any busy street corner and going for the British classics or a cafe of the same. My favourites are the jacket potato vans and donner kebab vans at local town centres.


Some of my favourite places where you must grab a bite are:

Sunday Roast at Rules (Covent garden)

Full English Breakfast - Terry’s Cafe London

Mother Mash - Carnaby Street/Ganton Street


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