#BTExplores Rings, Romance And Wanderlust: Evelyn Sharma Tells You About Finding Love in Sydney

The actor's Australian vacay also included a proposal at Sydney's most romantic hotspot!

Australia is our go-to vacation destination.

My fiancé Tushaan is from Sydney, so naturally, the city has become our number one vacation spot. Maybe one day we’ll even shift there for good!

I love the active lifestyle people have there and the gorgeous white sand beaches with beautiful big blue waves. It is a very freeing and relaxing feeling to watch the surfers and have your morning coffee sitting in the sun in your bikini. What more do you need from a holiday spot?


I grew up in the Bavarian part of Germany where we have lots of beautiful forests and mountains. I love hiking through the lush green of mother nature. It inspires me to see how this earth has had quite the good run before humans can in and makes me think of how we can live more in sync with nature.

So, even though I am an out and out mountain girl, I’ve always been a beach bum and think there’s no better outfit than a colourful bikini and a boho beach dress! Living in Mumbai I often miss the sunshine and meet up with friends to go to the pool. But there’s just nothing like a dip in the sea!


Walk, surf, repeat

Whenever we are in the city, we stay near Rose Bay in Sydney in our family home. Everything is really close by and Bondi is a walk down the road compared to Mumbai’s distances. Just go for a run or take your bicycle when you’re in Sydney. It’s the best way to go around from beach to beach.

My favourite one (at the moment) is Shark Beach it has a few lovely cafes and isn’t as crowded as Bondi. I know the name doesn’t sound very trustworthy, but it’s a hidden gem and don’t worry, there aren’t any sharks! Well, at least I didn’t see any!

There are tons of parks, beaches, and sports centres where you can spend your day eating ice cream and meeting the super friendly locals. You can’t miss a boat’s ride through the bay and watching a show at the Sydney Opera House. You can even do a climb up the Harbour Bridge, just check with the tourism centre on the timings.


Kangaroos and their smaller version, the Wallabies, are the cutest and most peculiar little creatures. Australia has an amazing wildlife with so many animals and birds that I had never seen before. After all, who doesn’t want to hold a Koala bear at least once in their life? You can even stay in nature or wildlife conservatory. It’s definitely worth a weekend trip from Sydney.


Australia is home to the world’s oldest living culture. The history of Aboriginal people goes back more than 50,000 years. Their art practices are some of the most ancient ones known today. You must attend one of the Aboriginal art experiences, which allow you to not only delve deep into the fascinating culture and stories of their ancestors but also support talented artists of our generation!

Aussie coffee kick

My favourite thing about Sydney is the artisanal coffee shops. Aussies have a very unique coffee culture, so you better know what kind of coffee you want. Their snacks are simply delicious like the famous Avo On Toast. Aussies believe in locally-grown produce, and you’ll find a lot of cafes and restaurants that have a great variety of responsibly sourced produce. Like Nomad, in Sydney’s buzzing suburb of Surry Hills, is definitely one to look out for.


Downtown Sydney is super nice for romantic dinner dates! There are loads of beautiful restaurants and small hidden bars to have a cocktail, walk down the road hand in hand, and just be in love!

The proposal...

Among all things great and Aussie, my favourite memory, of course, is when Tushaan proposed to me with the Harbour Bridge in the backdrop. So...the perfect place to pop the question!





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