#BTExplores Designer Bhumika Grover Tells You How To Holiday In Greece

If a Greek holiday with your gang of girls or a destination wedding is on your mind, sunny beaches and great music in Mykonos is for you.

I have always been more of a beachside girl rather than a mountains lover, to be really honest. So, in the summer I planned a two-destination vacation, one to Istanbul and the other to Greece.

It was a girls’ trip so, we ended up spending time only at Mykonos – the party central in Greece. Instead of putting up in a hotel, we had rented a villa in the main city that was situated right at one of the beaches. It was surreal!

Sun, sand and sundowners!

Mykonos is a party town. During the day everyone is at the beach doing outdoor activities and at night there is a party scene vibe. So, we went to a lot of bars at night but during the day we were at one of the many different beaches in Mykonos.

There was one called the Nammos with a sundowner vibe that then goes into a night-party mode with sunbeds and everything. I also visited the other less-commercial beaches such as Psarou, Kalo Livadi, and then the popular ones like Paradise.


Mykonos has a lot of gay beaches and then the very riff-raff ones too. Since we were all girls we decided to go to the less-commercial route. Most of the international music artists visit the Kalo Livadi or Psarou beaches.

The best part about Mykonos was that there are people of all age groups. You could find someone in their 20s to a 60-year-old just chilling in their bikinis, drinking and dancing in the middle of the beach. There were also many families with kids too.


Of Greek Gods and Little Venice

Greece is known for its ‘Greek Gods’ and that is not just said in vain. The city had a nice amalgamation of people from all countries, cultures. It was a nice crowd.

Of the touristy things, we visited the windmills in Little Venice. They had a lot of local designer boutiques; there was music playing and a lot of bars at the waterfront. So you could just hop around, shop and eat or enjoy the live music on the street. The architecture was also really beautiful.


My favourite memory from Greece is definitely walking around at Little Venice for almost three hours long. The architecture of the place especially the interiors of the local boutiques, their fabrics, everything was just beautiful and very overwhelming. If I ever go back I would still want to go and walk around.

Greece doesn’t really have a cab culture and the entire city was almost like 23 taxis in total. So, you may have a problem with that but then it is a small place and beaches are really close by. So, you may have to either book a scooty or just walk to wherever you want to go.

Foodie paradise

I am a vegetarian so, I did not sample the seafood but I did try the different cuisines. I ate something called Tzatziki – a dip made with hung curd that they serve with pita bread. It was delicious.


Italian cuisine in Greece is completely different from anything you may have eaten. So, that is definitely a must-try. I really recommend grabbing a bite at Nammos and the Paradise Club. You should also definitely try out the bars in Little Venice, the ones on the waterfront.

If you want a traditional couple sort of a place then I would suggest you head to Santorini instead. Mykonos has more of a fun, party scene and I would definitely suggest this as a bachelorette destination. You could also book a yacht and spend a day on the water with champagne and a brunch scene.

I also think it’s a great destination to have a wedding on the beach too. It’s not always about party, party, party. I would like to sum up my trip that once in his or her lifetime everyone must go to Mykonos.


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