#BTExplores Adah Sharma Tells You How To Romance In The City of Love, Paris

Dressing up in red to munching on baguettes and clicking selfies at the Eiffel Tower – discover the French capital through the actor’s eyes.

I actually did not choose Paris as a vacation destination myself. Since the past two years my work just takes me to different places and it ends up becoming a work holiday thing. Moreover, I love what I do, so I feel like I'm always on a vacation! 

But, Paris was merveilleux , amusant, supèrbe! (It's in French... even though I did not learn any French when I was in Paris but I learned a lot of Chinese because our work crew was from China!)

I ended up wearing red throughout my trip because Paris. City of love. Must wear red. I wanted to Indianize all my outfits. So, even if it was a dress we paired it with Indian jewellery, a nose pin, chunky silver jewellery, bindis and whatnots.


All play, lots of sleep

I stayed in Le Royal Monceau, Raffles Paris during my trip. It was very lovely. So, we used to spend the entire day at the place we were shooting at and then, just go to the hotel at night to sleep.

But, we also ended up shooting in various hotels in the city. Out of those Hôtel Salomon de Rothschild was one of my favourites. It was this huge vintage structure that looked very spooky but it is historically and culturally significant. Plus, it also has many interesting tales about it that you must find out! (I won’t tell.)



A Parisienne Adventure

Paris is really pretty. You can just put a camera anywhere and you are sure to get a picture-perfect post card. I visited the usual tourist haunts such as Champs-Élysées, the Louvre Museum, and of course, Montmartre!

This was my favourite with its cobbled streets and charmins bistros. I spent the whole day in Montmartre and even visited the Wall of Love (Or the Le mur des je t'aime). I have so many videos from that place! One of my closest friends stays in Paris and she accompanied me too. We got lost in the pursuit of finding love but we found it eventually in Montmartre!


Tuileries Garden is also very beautiful and so is Arc de Triomphe. But, the highlight of every trip to Paris is the Eiffel Tower. It is very gorgeous and it looks even more beautiful at night. Keeping with its vibe, I wore a saree to visit the Moulin Rouge! It is exactly as stunning and amazing like the movie. They dance with the same spunk and I had a great time there.


Eat, play, love

It was very difficult to find vegetarian food on the first day because our hotel was in a beautiful place in the middle of nowhere. The next day, however, we moved into the city.

If I'm not eating then I guess romance is the other thing on my mind. So, yes it is a very romantic city, indeed. Even though we had access to vegetarian food after moving to the urban area, romance was still on my mind because I was well fed!

But then, I'm a very romantic person... whether it is Patna or Paris, it really doesn't really matter.

Anyway, talking about the food. I ended up eating the best vegetarian Chinese food in Paris – soup, noodles, sautéed vegetables and rice. Our work crew consisted of nine Chinese girls, who made sure I was well fed at all times. I know it's not what you want to hear from a Paris trip! 

Even though I love bread and maida is bae, but French baguettes are a little overrated. I'm more a soft naan kind of girl and I did end up eating a lot of French pizza though.


The city reminds me of the old Bollywood song, An evening in Paris. I know it’s cliched but what the hell!

I really feel that couples must visit Paris at least once. Once there, even if you fight and fall out of love, there are a lots of good looking people you can fall right back in love with and romance with the Eiffel tower in the background.

Or if you don't want anyone bothering you but still want company, take your imaginary boyfriend along like I did.

Au revoir!



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