#BTExperts Here's How To Give Your Bedroom A Minimalist Makeover

Here's how to nail minimalistic decor for your home

Stark white walls juxtaposed with framed photographs or lush-green flora and pastel-hued accents- minimalist, the muted decor is quite a crowd favourite when it comes to doing up your home.

"The first thought that comes to my mind is peace and serenity. To me, the minimalistic decor is all about creating an elegant, soothing, functional, and clutter-free space. It is an exercise in restraint, where a number of elements such as lighting, space, and objects harmonize and complement each other. One of the best modern-day minimalistic decor styles, in my opinion, is Japandi. The Scandinavian minimalism paired with the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi (seeking beauty in imperfections), makes for a truly elegant, functional, and delightful decor style that suits the trends and the tastes of the 21st century," says celebrity interior designer Anuradha Aggarwal, creative director, Olives Cre.


 So, if you were looking to turn your home into an oasis of calm, here are her suggestions to do just that:

Always use a restrained colour palette

"Neutral colours in different tones are the best way to go. You can experiment with one or two bright colours as well, but keep that temptation to go overboard in check."

De-cluttering is important.

"If something does not serve a purpose, you don’t need it. That’s the basic principle of minimalistic decor. So get rid of everything that is just there without any rhyme or reason."


Use accent decorations.

"Minimalism doesn’t mean you can’t decorate. It means you should use decorative pieces as accents. For example, having one big painting against a plain wall is better than having 7 small ones."

Your furniture should have clean lines.

"Here, you can take your cues from Japandi style and mix and match light-coloured, angular, clean-lined furniture from Scandinavian style with darker, low-to-the-ground furniture from Japanese style."

Let there be light!

"One of the most beautiful things you can do with minimalism is to adorn your house with natural light. Don’t cover your windows with thick curtains; use thin ones to let the light in, or use blinds."


Unleash the aesthetic potential of everyday objects.

"Against the backdrop of neutral colours, even simple, everyday objects can look mesmerizing. For instance, a patterned or printed throw pillow on a white sofa can look marvellously alluring."

Restrain the pattern-play.

"Throwing in a couple or two patterned rugs, especially in the living area, an accent your interiors and give them a sort of minimalist regal look. Remember though, to not go overboard with patterns as they can become too much work for the eyes."


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