#BTExperts Elegant Ways To Bedeck Your Abode With Botanical Decor

Interior experts tell us how you can make your home come alive with sustainable artefacts and indoor plants

Rishabh Sarpal, Conceptualise Interior Designer, Founder of Rishabh Sarpal Atelier:

Today many people are embracing botanical décor in their lives as it paints a calm environment to enjoy time with loved ones. Fresh, vibrant, growing and alive, indoor plants and creepers at the corner inspire a creative way to decorate one’s home. And, the naturally soothing quality in plants makes them highly suited to design one’s humble hood with botanical décor.


Apart from floral, one can blend the interior with the botanically-inspired décor by using bold tropical pattern prints on the curtains, sofa fabrics, and other furnishings. Furthermore, wielding natural materials, such as raw wood, slate, sandstone, and bricks, for flooring and macramé on the walls, can definitely amaze every visitor entering the room. In fact, adorning the interior with cotton fabrics can make the living space delicate. One can also decorate the interior of one’s house using jute as rugs and carpets. Indeed, arranging the living space to make it airy and filling with natural light makes it look grander. Harmonising the interior design with the environment-friendly décor generates fresh vibes and even purifies the living space.


Anuradha Aggarwal, Creative Director, OLIVES CRE:

By easing the mental stress and improving the air quality of the surrounding, today botanical decor is steering its way to become an indispensable part of one’s home life. Moreover, incorporating eco-friendly adornments to create balance and texture turns a room into an environment that comforts and welcomes every person setting foot in. As long as decoration revolves around woods, the choices are endless, whether it is a giant bed in the bedroom, the sofa in the drawing-room or a table in dining.


Further, embellishing the interior with the plant-based theme adds a layer of intimacy to space. In fact, plants help in keeping people relaxed and focused to amplify their creative thinking. There is indeed something appealing about tailoring an old and chipping paint or peeling vintage wallpaper with the beautiful botanical blooms in the living space, or furnishing with hemp, linen, cotton, coir, jute, straw, or sisal based ropes as curtains. Adorning the living space with the environment-friendly materials surely beautifies the room, filling all the voids, exquisitely.


Bhawana Bhatnagar, Interior Stylist, Founder of Casa Exotique:

The sustainability factor is the game-changer in every sphere of life, and the interior is no exception. When we talk about sustainable artifacts, nothing comes to mind before wood - natural, functional, and luxurious. Wood, which is synonymous with nature when chiseled by passionate craftsmen becomes a sublime luxury and enlivens every wall and corner. Wooden furniture and decorative pieces can create an authentic and elegant look in its raw and unpolished form. On the other hand, the polished ones shine like marble to illuminate the living space.


Apart from wooden furnishing, indoor plants, such as Snake Plant, Royal Treasure, White Pothos, Ficus Bonsai or Carmona Bonsai, can craft a pacifying botanical space. Not only the indoor plants spur up the interior of the home but they also help to purify the air to ensure easy breathing. Along with natural plants, one can renovate some corners of the house using colorful and vibrant faux plants. In fact, styling the pot with paints or using household items like cans as pots can be indeed uplifting.



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