#BTExperts Chef Machindra Kasture Tells You The Perfect Traditional Dessert With A Rosey Flavour

The former chef at the Rashtrapati Bhavan has rosey, sweet addition for your dinner party menu.

Looking for a delectable, candied closure to your dinner party menu? Or are you whipping up a dessert in the kitchen for your sweet tooth?

Well, there is a rather easy sugary treat that is rather easy to prepare. And, the first chef to the President at the Rashtrapati Bhavan, Chef Machindra Kasture has the perfect suggestion.

He says, “Nothing is as easy as preparing Kheer or Seviyan as a dessert for a dinner party. The best thing is that they can be served both hot and cold. You can also add certain ingredients to add a distinctive flavour and impress your guests without much effort! Like just add a little gulkand and you have created Rose Seviyan.”

So, here is his take on the creamy, rosey and absolutely divine traditional dessert.



  • Vermicelli 100gm
  • Sugar 100gm
  • Ghee 2tbs
  • Milk 1 Liter
  • Almond 5pcs
  • Raisin 5pcs
  • Gulkand 1tbs


  • Take a saucepan put in on moderate heat pour the milk and reduce it to half
  • Roast vermicelli in ghee till golden brown
  • Add the roasted vermicelli into the reduced milk
  • Add sugar and gulkand
  • Garnish it with dry fruits.


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