Real Weddings: It Was Meant To Be

Daniel Christopher Bauer and Tyrone J Braganza, take us on a journey of their magical and extraordinary love story.

We kept bumping into each other at random places.

Each time we met, we couldn’t stop looking at each other and the chemistry was undeniable. Finally, we were on the same flight to Goa, and it was on this break that we spent a lot of time together and got to know each other well.

2_112919045728.pngDaniel and Tyrone walk towards the Town Hall to take their vows.

1_112919045810.pngTheir first kiss as a married couple.

Daniel proposed to me at my workplace.

It was on the Adventure of the Seas cruise ship sailing from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to the Caribbean. On the second day of the cruise, he proposed after dinner over a glass of wine.

8_112919050252.pngThe couple cut a heart shape on a white table cloth and pass through it as part of the German tradition.

9_112919050546.jpgThe newlyweds leave the church on their horse carriage.

I envisioned the wedding completely differently.

Although I’ve been to Germany several times, I had never attended a wedding or visited the town that Danny [Daniel] comes from. The Town Hall that I initially thought was going to be like a sterile courtroom was actually a beautiful synagogue, the church which I assumed would be a tiny little chapel, was a stunning 20th-century one with stained glass and wooden pews. The reception blew my mind away—it was on the banks of the river Main in Frankfurt with the view of the skyline looming in the background.

13_112919050802.jpgThe couple and their guests assemble for a group photograph.

12_112919050848.pngThe couple's lapel pins for their wedding.

The exchange of vows tugged my heartstrings.

This beautiful moment made me feel like I had an out-ofbody experience. “As we walked in to our favourite song Hallelujah by Tom O’Malley was sung in the background, my heart was pumping, and I was nervous! I felt all emotions in those moments as we exchanged our vows in front of our friends and family,” says Bauer.

6_112919051042.pngThe Church ceremony in procession.

5_112919051133.pngThe couple and their family celebrate with pints of beer.

Our advice: Keep calm—everything will happen as planned.

3_112919051311.pngThe Volkswagen van decorated as the couple's carriage for their Town Hall wedding.

4_112919051428.pngThe couple cut a log of wood as a part of the German wedding custom- it represents the first obstacle that the couple must overcome in their marriage.



The Grooms’ Town Hall ceremony outfits: Shantanu and Nikhil.

The Grooms’ Church ceremony outfits: Ashish Soni.

The Photographer: Nirvair Singh Rai

The Reception Venue: The Hotel Gerbermuühle, Frankfurt.

7_112919051602.pngThe couple release doves, also a part of the tradition.

10_112919051646.pngThe couple exchange rings.

11_112919051730.pngDaniel's shoes and cufflinks for his Town Hall wedding.


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