Brides Today Loves: Signature Wedding Cocktails for Your Big Day

Give your guests a signature libation while they toast your everlasting love. Here's a few tips on how to create the perfect signature drink for your wedding.


1. Use Your Wedding Colours


Incorporate your wedding theme and colours as part of the drink. You can do it by adding a pop of a berry or a slice of fruit or mixing a drink the same hue as the decorations in your venue. Alternatively, you can use straws and cocktail napkins in the colours of your decor to tie it all together.

2. Keep It Seasonal


Pick a cocktail that flows well with the season and use fresh seasonal ingredients, so brings the vibe of the season with it and is more fitting with your overall wedding theme. 

3. Personalise a Classic Cocktail


Pick with a classic crowd pleaser and add one or two new ingredients to it to shake it up a bit. Ask the help of your bartender to find a fun and easy way to add some flavour and personality to an existing drink , instead of being too ambitious and making something from scratch, the unusual flavour which may not be a favourite with your guests.

 4. Pick a His and Hers



Instead of picking just one drink, create His and Hers cocktails, each reflecting your unique personalities. this not only gives your guests curated options, but it's also a fun thing to do together in the run-up to the wedding


5. Give it a Fun Name


The game is in the name when it comes to your signature drink.Adding a personal touch is key. Pick something that incorporates the name of the drink but replace some words with words related to the theme, to memories you share, or even dates! 

6. Showcase Sentiments


Having a story behind the drink you pick is always a lovely romantic touch, one that can be shared with your guests over the first toast. So pick a drink that has a special sentiment attached to it, like the first cocktail you shared together. 


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