Brides-to-be Protest Against Lockdown Restrictions That Have Lead to Postponement of Their Weddings

Around 15 women held a flashmob protest in Rome as their wedding day has been postponed indefinitely due to the lockdown restrictions imposed by the Italian government (Watch the viral video here!)

On 8th July 2020, around 15 brides-to-be took to the streets of Rome to stage a protest against lockdown restrictions that have indefinitely deferred their wedding. They marched through the city in their wedding gowns and masks, holding placards that can be translated as 'weddings without restrictions', 'you broke our marriages', and 'church doors closed weddings.' Many of them also posed against the famous Trevi fountain, throwing white parasols in the air in protest. These brides-to-be also protested outside parliamentary buildings, along with vendors from the wedding business industry that has also been severely hit due to the pandemic.




While weddings were allowed to resume in Italy May 18th onwards, no large gatherings have been permitted. This 'flashmob of the singles or unmarried ones' demanded that they be allowed to hold a ceremony without compromising on any of the traditional customs.

According to government guidelines, social distancing measures and the wearing of face masks and gloves must strictly be followed by congregations. Additionally, sanitizers must also be placed at the entrance of the church.

Take a look at the protest!


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