Bachelorette Party Ideas Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Bachelorettes are all about celebrating your singlehood with your girl gang. We're here to help you find the perfect party according to your zodiac sign!


Head somewhere you can let go of your inner party animal and get loud! Think party destinations like Bangkok or Ibiza, where the shots don't stop coming and the party doesn't end till the sun comes up. Maybe have a fun dress code like a disco theme, and rock sparkly dresses or shirts that proclaim you’re “off the market”! 




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Ever the lover of privacy, you need an exclusive room in an elegant restaurant with some champagne flowing and dear friends celebrating years together. 


You love to be the centre of attention and what better than drunken karaoke followed by a 3 a.m. breakfast with as many people as possible tagging along to make this a night to remember. Put on that "Bride-To-Be" sash, get your big huddle of girlfriends and head to Vegas, where the bachelorette special on-the-house drinks keep pouring. 




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You like to keep it classy, and intimate. So look for a local wine bar and invite just your closest friends and family. Be picky and avoid anyone acquaintances annoy you. Maybe go for a retro theme?




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You love the fast pace of a city, so a pub crawl in the busiest, hippest neighbourhood where everyone will know you are the bride is perfect for you. Like the extrovert, you are, pull out all the stops and rock a white dress, crown, and a big sash. Embrace your “last fling before the ring,” and be the life of the party at every stop. 




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You might desperately want to skip the party because of your discreet nature. But if your maid of honour insists on a low-key celebration, why not opt for a spa day? You can unwind and get pampered, while you take a break from all the crazy wedding planning.


A bachelorette slumber party for the nostalgia-obsessed Libra? Do each other’s hair and makeup, face masks, matching silk PJs, ultimate snacks, not-so-stolen booze and lots and lots of selfies. Pick out your favourite movie, gossip about everything and everyone or go for the age-old game of spin the bottle and take things up a notch!




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Scorpios are the most risque, so a cheeky night out at a strip club or a pole dancing club is right up their alley. If you want to go big, head to the Red Light Area in Amsterdam or Walking Street in Pattaya to ensure that you make the most of your last few days of being single. 


We know a Sagittarius is an explorer and a road trip–themed party where you might not know where you’re headed could be the time of your life. If adventure sports is something you and your girlfriends enjoy, zip-lining or bungee-jumping can be a great way to knock something off your bucket list.




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A culture geek, Capricorns might enjoy heading to a comedy club or art museum. Since you'd rather be entertained, a dinner show or cruise would be fun too. Go for a cruise to a colourful destination like Morocco or Turkey to soak in all that culture. 


An adventurer at heart, the Aquarian bride may want to grab her girl gang and do something different. Maybe some paintballing, a game of laser tag or an escape room, followed by a limo ride to a drag show where you can sing, dance and maybe even get on stage. The theme for the evening? Fifty shades of fabulous of course!




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Pisces are calm and spiritual by nature. Think along the lines of a psychic party with a tarot reader, tealight candles in essential oil diffusers and relaxing music. Host your unique night out full of "mystery and magic" at a nice hotel, or somewhere with a hot tub or pool.




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