Actor Tripti Dimri Plays Muse to Couturier and Photographer JJ Valaya in a Special Shoot

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“I have admired Tripti’s great presence in cinema, and it was on my mind that we should shoot together someday. I trusted my muse and my stylists implicitly, while I was the designer of the clothes as well as the photographer. There was a seamless sense of teamwork. I like contradiction and what it tosses up. The Royal Nomad (with a penchant for Art Deco) has been the brand’s ethos for nearly three decades now. The two words, royal and nomad, are opposites, yet piecing together their key flavours in our signature style invariably leads to truly interesting looks. I was born in Jodhpur, Rajasthan...a land known for its resplendent monarchy as well as its banjaras (nomads), and I often wonder whether some mystical auras of the two embraced me when I was born there. My style of photography is evolving with my years, but how can I dare describe the evolution of a visual medium in words? My interest lies in portraiture, architectural photography, and travel. I do fashion photography only for my own brand. I believe that art exists everywhere, and, perhaps Henri Cartier Bresson’s words, best sum up what making images mean to me: ‘For me, the camera is a sketch book, an instrument of intuition and spontaneity.’”

2_011921033933.jpgAll clothes, JJ Valaya. All jewellery, Apala by Sumit.


“Tripti, to me, is beautiful and feminine, but also has a very strong, fierce, and sexy side to her that we wanted to present in the looks. She’s my new woman crush: she’s fun and warm, and easy to work with. Work didn’t feel like work, with this project, and we had a great time shooting. Her style in this shoot stems from the House of Valaya's key ethos—The Royal Nomad, which Pranay Jaitley (from Who Wore What When) and I have followed here. There is much about nomads that I relate to, be it their free spirit or their bohemian way of existence. A royal spin on nomads is also something I’ve grown up with. I've always been involved in some way or the other with my father’s designs...what’s better than sharing a mutual passion with your family? My father has been my mentor, someone who gives his honest opinion, which I think is very important to have, especially when you’re just starting out. I have immense respect for the brand he has created. From my father, I’ve learnt consistency, passion, and being true to one’s sensibility. We are very similar in the way we work: we believe in research and honest execution of our ideas. Neither of us can settle for less (laughs), and we keep fine-tuning our ideas until we are satisfied.”

4_011921034321.jpgAll clothes, JJ Valaya. Necklace, earrings, and rings, all My Motifs by Surabhi Didwania. Maang tikka pendant, and bracelets, all Silverline Jewellery.

3_011921034459.jpgAll clothes, JJ Valaya. Earring, My Motifs by Surabhi Didwania. Necklaces, Kainaat Jewels and Silverline Jewellery. Rings, Silverline Jewellery and Kainaat Jewels.


“I have never been a ‘proper’ model, but always wanted to be a part of JJ Valaya’s campaign shoot. My friends used to walk the ramp for him, and I remember being in awe of the outfits they’d get to wear for the show... This shoot was a dream come true for me. JJ is very humble, creative, and spontaneous. The first thing that struck me about the collection was how versatile it was. I think all the outfits made me look good. Hoorvi knows her craft very well, too, and is as creative and as modest as her father. She styled the garments in such a striking way. As for my personal style, I like to mix and match. I prefer light colours, and I often wear full-length suits or lehengas to weddings, in which I can move around comfortably. For my own wedding, I will probably wear a bright-red lehenga... I have a thing for red. And I’d like to go minimal on make-up and jewellery. Since I love the mountains, I'll pick a beautiful riverside location for my wedding. That’s all I have planned for now...

The woman I admire the most is my mom. She believes in the power of prayer, and I have never seen her pray for herself. I want to be as selfless as her. I also respect Meryl Streep, and I want be as good an actor as her. My wish for the new year is that it should be good for everybody. For myself, I just want to be busy with work. I have had enough of this free time! I want to work and be happy. I also want all women to stand up for their beliefs, and not be afraid of anything. We should be able to decide what’s right or wrong for us, and most importantly, not hide our imperfections but embrace them. There is nothing more beautiful than a flawed, confident woman. I've always believed in supporting the cause of women, and my latest film, Bulbbul, talks about the issue of child marriage in our country. Even today, at least 17-20 percent of girls are married off before the age of 15, despite there being strict laws against it. This film attempted to make people aware that the issue is still rampant, and we need to take steps to put an end to it.”

1_011921034804.jpgAll clothes, JJ Valaya. Earring, My Motifs by Surabhi Didwania. Necklaces, Kainaat Jewels and Silverline Jewellery. Rings, Silverline Jewellery and Kainaat Jewels.


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