Abraham and Thakore x Obeetee = A Dream For Craft Lovers

Obeetee collaborates with Abraham & Thakore to create an exclusive collection of luxe carpets for modern couple homes. 

Luxury carpet manufacturers, OBEETEE teamed up with designers Abraham & Thakore for their second series of ‘Proud to be Indian’ and the result was an exclusive collection of carpets—handcrafted to perfection, with influences drawn from local Indian crafts and infused with modern sensibilities. 

Here’s what the designers had to say. 

Tell us about the story behind the collaborative collection 'Proud to be Indian' with OBEETEE. 

A&T: Our design sensibility has always been informed by traditional textile craft. We see our heritage of handmade textiles as an invaluable resource for Indian designers. When we were approached by OBEETEE, we were excited to be developing carpets with India’s finest carpet weaving company. We found the premise of the project, which focusses on combining the finest carpet weaving skills of India with an Indian design sensibility both challenging and timely. Though we have worked extensively with the development of hand-woven textiles, for us this was a first, being given the opportunity to design hand-knotted carpets.

ObeeteeObeetee and A&T 'Proud to be Indian' collection

How have you interpreted India's home-grown textile traditions for this collection? Is there any particular treatment that you might have given to the traditional designs that you would like to highlight? 

A&T: The collection draws on the rich repertoire of Indian textile tradition with a strong respect for materials, crafts and forms, while expressing a quiet and modern design aesthetic. Inspirations include the borders of vintage saris from Kanchipuram, block prints from Sanganer and the traditional tie and dye Bandhani from Mandvi in Kutch. The geometry of double Ikat Telia Rumals seamlessly unifies with the block prints and tie-n-dye telling the tale of quintessential Indian textiles. Designs based on calligraphy display the technical virtuosity of a hand-knotted carpet, where millions of threads are individually knotted together to create the complex surface of matt and sheen.

ObeeteeObeetee and A&T 'Proud to be Indian' collection

What is the future of Indian crafts? 

A&T: India has the largest and most diverse living craft traditions in the world. While some crafts are finding new markets, others may need some sort of intervention to strengthen their base. in a world of excess and machine-made product the handmade, handcrafted products of India are the real "luxury" products of the future.

ObeeteeObeetee and A&T 'Proud to be Indian' collection

Fashion designers are consciously diversifying into home furnishings/décor worldwide as home is an evolving market. Are we going to see a more prolific engagement from your end with local crafts for home collections in future?

A&T: We have always worked in the interior space for home textiles. From collections of home textiles that retailed at stores like Harrods and Liberty to custom-made solutions for key clients currently, A&T has used textile craft for cushion covers, bed throws and other soft furnishings. This is something we continue to do. 

obeetee-and-aandt-proud-to-be-indian-collection-resize-2_010518034256.jpgObeetee and A&T 'Proud to be Indian' collection

What is the signature Abraham & Thakore streak that we can find in the handcrafted rugs/carpets for this collection with OBEETEE?

A&T: Each piece from the collection continues the exploration of developing a quiet and modern design voice, while simultaneously drawing on the rich traditional vocabulary of Indian design and crafts. Playing with techniques and new structures to explore and develop modern simplistic designs with references to Indian heritage epitomises their key design statement and ethos.

What do you think are going to be some of the strongest home fashion trends in the coming year? 

A&T: In a rapidly changing world where public spaces are getting increasingly crowded, and more and more demands are placed on our limited time, the home is a refuge. Cocooning, chilling, warmth, and security are the defining words for this trend and will shape future design solutions. 

Couples, are you inspired enough for your new home? 

Assisted by Dishari Basu. 




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