A Quick Hazelnut Brownie Recipe For Weeknight Sweet Cravings

Dig in for instant gratification!

There are days when you love to whip up elaborate meals and there are days when making coffee seems like too much effort. Especially on a Monday, when you are nursing a weekend hangover and have loads of office work to deal with, last minute sweet cravings can kill joy. You want to dig in to something sweet yet do not have the energy to make something.It’s for such week nights that this recipe by Sahil Mehta, chef consultant, Cafe Tesu, New Delhi and founder and chef, Paris My Love, New Delhi will come handy. Try this quick and easy hazelnut brownie right now!

Hazelnut Brownie



100g Flour 3 Eggs130g Chocolate (55%)32g Cocoa powder 115g Butter 180g Sugar 32g Turkish hazelnut (18g chopped, 14g for garnishing)


Temper the chocolate and melt the butter.Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl. Add the butter and melted chocolate, whisk for 2 mins.Add the batter to moulds.Preheat oven at 170 degrees and then bake for 22 mins.


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