7 Things That Can Happen To Your Body When You Crash Diet

Dr Anjali Hooda tells you how crash dieting can harm your body

You are getting married in a few days or there's an impending wedding to attend or an engagement party you need to be present at and you have to lose a few kilos quickly. Crash dieting seems like an easy solution or so you think. The truth is it can you harm your body in several ways. Anjali Hooda, a leading obesity, metabolic medicine and clinical nutrition specialist, says, “Crash dieting is when you go on a very restricted diet for a period of time, not only is your body at risk of developing nutritional deficiencies its also at risk of muscle loss and weight regain as soon as you go back to what you were eating.” She further explains, “lot of people do a week of crash dieting or a month of it because they want faster results. During such period people tend to eat only one or two food groups leaving out the fibre or antioxidants or enough protein for muscle sustenance.” Here are ways in which crash dieting can impact your health, you might just reconsider.

Slows down your metabolism

A high metabolic rate is key to losing weight. However crash dieting can put brakes on your metabolism. Extreme dieting causes muscle breakdown and less muscle reduces your metabolic rate, which can cause weight gain later. explains the doctor.


Triggers mood swings

“Mood disorders are again a big disadvantage of crash dieting also, lack of food may give mood swings, irritability and anger,” says Dr Anjali.

Weakens your immune system

You weaken your immune system by depriving yourself of essential minerals and vitamins. In the current situation, a weakened immune system is something you wouldn’t want. Also, if you cut out all fatty foods from your diet, absorbing fat-soluble vitamins such as A, D, E and K may prove difficult.


May lead to irregular bowel movement

Eating less fibre could lead to tummy trouble. Lack of enough roughage in your diet could result in irregular or inconsistent bowel movements, it may lead to constipation as well.

Ruins skin and causes hair loss

Limiting your diet means you are cutting out essential vitamins and minerals and this could have a negative impact on your appearance. The lack of nourishment shows in lack lustre hair and at times leads to hair fall. Likewise, your skin looks dry and dull. It’s important to let the right nutrients into your body.


Depletes your energy levels

Crash diets may often show immediate weight loss, but the most of this weight comes off from the reduction of glycogen and water stores in the body. This can deplete your energy levels and make you feel fatigued.

Puts on starvation mode and triggers binge eating

Once your body feels starved, it may cause your will power to diminish. It’s easy to get tempted at the sight of food and binge eating is likely to occur. The best way to lose weight, according to Dr Anjali is to start by making small changes in your lifestyle, eliminate process and refined foods, eat natural foods, cut down on packaged foods, start hydrating with water, try to get 7 hour as of sleep daily because if you are lacking sleep you will end up eating more.



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