6 Expert-Approved Ways to Ensure That You Stick to Your Workout Routine

Sumaya Dalmia, Celebrity Trainer and founder of SUMAYA tells you how to trick your mind into staying motivated.

What better day than Monday to kick-start your new workout routine? You may opt for an online dance class with your girl gang or may go for the HIIT workout for toned glutes. Whatever it is, I'm sure you're hella pumped. However, if we were to trace the route ahead, do you see yourself keeping up with your workout plan, lets say a month from today? Sorry to break it to you, but probably not.

Sticking to your workout regime is a mind game, one which most succumb to. While your body may push you to hit the gym, your mind protests, urging you to pick your couch over the cross-trainer.

So how does one actually win this external-internal tussle? Sumaya Dalmia, Celebrity Trainer and founder of SUMAYA shares her expert-tips on how to win this 'mind over matter' battle.

sumaya-dalmia_gym-2_062920080106.jpegSumaya Dalmia, Celebrity Trainer


"It takes approximately 21 days to inculcate a habit. So begin with attempting to stick to any exercise routine that you start, for at least 21 days. There will be days when you will enjoy it, but there may come days when you'd rather laze. However, if you do manage to make it through the first 21 days, you'll be one up on your mind," states Sumaya.


"Possibly the most important aspect is to pick the right form of exercise for yourself. Make sure that you sign up for something that you enjoy, whether it be brisk walking, joining a group class, or downloading a workout app. By doing so, it will become much easier to turn into a habit, rather than indulging in a workout forcefully, or one that you don't enjoy from the outset," says Sumaya. "A lot of people prefer a combination of exercises as well, such as yoga, walking, and pilates. Since there's a mix, it keeps you going," she adds.


Receiving data feedback is as important as receiving grades on an exam, to help dissect the areas that require more work or attention. "Data feedback is crucial and helps you track the areas that seek improvement. Buy a digital watch that tracks your number of steps in the day, calories, nutrition levels, sleep count etc. A tracking system doesn't solely provide you with numerical information, but also serves as a motivator to keep you going," adds Sumaya.


More often than not, one tends to give up a workout simply because of boredom. If you're one of those people who'd rather have company while exercising, find someone who's looking for the same! "Find a companion, friend, or family member who is commencing the journey towards a fit and healthy lifestyle too. By working out together, you can motivate one another, as well as try new forms of exercise," states Sumaya.


It's always advisable to read up and understand the right forms of the exercise. "It's better that you start slow and avoid engaging in anything too advanced. Don't choose something that demands too much from you, and beware of the injuries that may result. Start with walking, maybe with a mix of yoga or pilates. This will allow your body enough time to adjust with the increased activity levels," she says.


"Clean eating and keeping your nutrition plan in check is as important as sticking to your workout plan. We often make a commitment to exercise and completely neglect our dietary habits. Since experts claim 80 percent nutrition and 20 percent exercise, if you fail to see noticeable changes in your body-weight after working out, you may get demotivated. Exercise is not at fault here, it's the failure to monitor and control your eating habits efficiently."


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