5 Ways To Pick The Best Caterer For Your Wedding

A wedding celebration is incomplete without a delicious, heart-warming plate of food that your guests will remember in the days to come. Here's how to make sure that you have the perfect wedding refreshments. 

1. Set your priorities 

It is important for you and your significant other to figure out what you are looking for. This will help you in making an informed decision about selecting a caterer for your big day. To make sure that your wedding will be a memorable experience for you as well as your guests, chart out your food preferences, priorities and essentials to begin this daunting process.  


2. Be observant 

Whenever you attend other people's weddings, keep a look out for the food that is being served. If something catches your eye and stands out to you as a guest, you could always get inspired and incorporate it in your own wedding food list. Observe with all your senses; because not only the taste, but the presentation, feel and aroma of the food are equally significant. 


3. Narrow it down

It is important to narrow down the food menu for your functions. A vague conceptualisation of what you want, or an attempt to 'have too much on your plate', can cause confusion for you as well as to the caterer. Instead of trying to include a bit of everything, it is essential that you focus on deciding a particular cuisine. It could be any specific cuisine such as Italian, Indian, Chinese or Thai, or it could even be multi-cuisine. Accordingly, look for a caterer who is an expert in that particular domain. Make sure that your choice of food isn't solely hinged upon what you want to present to your guests, but also something you would enjoy eating yourself. 


4. Try to work within your budget

It is important that you set a budget on eatables for your wedding. Wedding planning can be hectic and requires you to draw out how much you are willing to spend on various aspects of the wedding. So, in order to avoid splurging or going beyond budget, consider speaking to your caterer about the same well in advance. Make sure that you aren't compromising on taste or presentation of the food. It is your day, so everything should be the way you want it to be! 


5. Taste test 

It would be advisable to taste everything you're planning to serve your guests. Note the subtle nuances in the flavour, appreciate what you like and do not hesitate to recommend any changes. 



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