5 Ways to Make Your Wedding Plastic-Free

Weddings can be full of single-use plastic, so if you’d like to be environmentally conscious in planning your dream celebration, here are a few simple ways to help you cut down on the plastic and reduce your carbon footprint.

1. Ethical fashion for your wedding trousseau


Your wedding dress might be one of the most talked about aspects of your big day, but it can also be a hidden source of plastic. Watch out for synthetic, plastic-based materials such as polyester and plastic embellishments, and instead choose a sustainably crafted ensemble made from a natural fibres such as certified organic silk.  For the groom and his gang, choose silk ties and suits made of a natural fibre like wool and avoid synthetic linings. 

2. Hiring the right vendors


Going plastic-free starts with the vendors that you use. It's important to keep in mind whether they recycle or have alternatives. Using venues that offers on-site recycling bins or can provide recycling containers, using florists that avoid using cellophane and use biodegradable wrappings instead are all small steps which add up in the long run. 

3. Avoid plastic tableware


Hire catering companies that only use glass and metal cutlery and tableware to reduce the bulk of plastic waste. Replacing plastic straws for metal ones and using re-washable cloth napkins instead of paper towels and using glass crockery for cocktail hour and dinner are easy steps to take.

4. Give out wedding favours in re-usable bags


A good way to reduce waste in the packaging of party favours is to give out edible gifts like dessert jars in glass cups with eco-friendly spoons and if using a gift bag is absolutely a must, opt for a compostable paper option instead of plastic.

5. Use biodegradable confetti 


Get that perfect confetti photo by handing out beautiful flower petals in paper cones to your guests. Not only will this be a rustic, romantic touch but it'll avoid plastic packaging and the synthetic confetti which often contains plastic that doesn't erode. 


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