5 Things To Keep In Mind Before Tying The Knot, According To A Millennial Marriage Coach

Love is great but it is not everything, marriage coach Leena Paranjpe shares what is truly needed to make a marriage work!

Marriages may be made in heaven but it is a couple's responsibility to actually make them work! Millennial marriage coach and author Leena Paranjpe agrees.

With over 20 years of experience guiding couples towards their happily ever afters, Leena says, "Earlier, marriages used to be about compromise. Things are different now. There is equality and independence in relationships. Couples before used to be in an easy acceptance for each other. They had the patience to build a life. They knew they belonged to each other and worked to make their marriage work. Now, couples are disturbed and confused because there is no easy acceptance".

So, here are a few things to keep in mind before you say 'I do':

Check Emotional Compatibility

"Before getting married the partners should have a clear idea about each other's emotional makeup. This determines how each will react in different situations. You should know how your partner will deal with difficult situations, if and when they come, or would they shirk the responsibility."

Independence and acceptance

Marriages are a two-way street and you should voice your concerns or wants freely, equally in this relationship. At the same time, you also need to be accepting of your partner's needs. "Independence in marriages should be kept aside. It's always the interdependence which works in marriage because that breeds equality and happiness," says Leena.

Career talk

Whether you want to take a break from your career or want to further your professional aspirations, discuss this before marriage so that there are no regrets. "The couples must prioritize their partners. Usually, the ratio of relationship and career must be 80 and 20 for the first two years. They can change it after some years of marriage when a strong foundation is built."

Usual checks

"Check for medical, family, financial background past relationships status so that you are not put off with any surprises later on."

Lastly, ask yourself why?

"Now, there are arranged marriages, love marriages and revenge marriages. Revenge marriage is the outcome of your ego clash, impulsive behaviour, quick judgement, parental over-interference and emotional weakness. These marriages seldom work." So, assess your reasons and choose wisely.


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