5 Secret Body Language Signs That Someone Is In Love With You

Subtle cues and action can reveal a lot more about your feelings than words and here are some ways to know if someone you like feels the same way about you.

Actions may speak louder than words but when it comes to romance non-verbal cues are the loudest! Turns out, all the love songs about a lover correctly guessing what you are really feeling, may actually be true.

"Non-verbal communication is a great way to tell how your partner is feeling in a relationship. There are so many cues in which you can unconsciously read your partner’s feelings and intentions. But, if you are aware of how the brain works, and the mind controls the body- you can get an even better understanding," says Pamela 'Puja' Kirpalani - A master NLP practitioner, trainer & neuro-coach, Founder - Inner High Living.

So, here are some body language signs that love is just around the corner for you:

Head Tilt

body language love

"When you are speaking to someone else, and you suddenly notice their head starts tilting while still making eye contact with you- this is a tell-tale sign they are interested," says Pamela.

Foot Point

"If the person's feet are pointed towards you, you still have their attention. If you notice one foot starts pointing towards the exit, you could be beginning to ‘lose them’, so this is something to take note of on a subtle level."

Steepling Hand Gesture

"When a person’s hands are clasped in a steeple position while listening to you (fingertips touching at the top almost as if in a prayer position)  this is a sign they are considering your proposal, listening intently or trying to focus on what you have to say."

Exposure of Neck

body language love

"Pay attention to if a lady flicks her hair away from her neck. When she does this, she is exposing her ‘most vulnerable’ area- her neck where a large number of nerve endings lie- and this is known as a submission gesture in dating."

Leaning In

body language love

"Pay attention to when someone suddenly leans in towards you when you are speaking. This is a clear sign you have engaged your listener and they want to hear more."


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